How to Pour an AC Condenser Pad

concrete slab for air conditioner
TH fan Denise Kline’s new air conditioner sits on a slab made with Quikrete concrete mix.

Denise Kline says she and her husband faced an unexpected challenge after their new air conditioner unit was installed.

“When our new A/C unit was installed, they failed to tell us beforehand that it required a larger slab,” Denise says.
“After installing it, they simply placed concrete blocks under it, which has caused the unit great stress after the concrete blocks have settled.”

So, her handy husband took matters into his own hands and poured a concrete slab.

He tackled the project in nine steps:

1. Dug an area for the new slab

2. Drilled three holes in the existing slab so rebar could be placed into them

3. Framed out the new slab with 2-by-6’s to match the existing slab height

4. Placed crushed stone in the framed slab area

5. Inserted rebar into the three holes.

Rebar in air conditioner unit

6. Placed rebar across the frame to hold up the A/C condenser

Mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow

7. Mixed Quikrete concrete mix and placed it in the new slab area, making sure it’s smooth and at the height of the existing slab

8. Waited two days for concrete to harden and removed the frames

Adding concrete mix

9. Added topsoil around the new slab.


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