How to Make a Wood Pallet Turkey

Step 5: Design the Turkey’s Body

You should have some remaining pieces of wood laying around. We used one of the middle sections of the pallet and designed a body and face for the turkey.

After cutting out the body look around the floor for some little triangular pieces of wood. They would have come from the 45-degree angles you cut out for the feathers. This piece can be used to make a beak for the turkey.

Step 6: Attach All of the Pieces Together

Using Titebond glue the body to the front of your feathers.

Then glue on the beak.

Step 7: Create a Stand for the Turkey

Going back to the pallet, use the thicker blocks of wood from the inside for the turkey’s legs. Cut the “U” shape evenly on both sides. Use extra blocks from that same piece of wood to provide the turkey additional support in the back.

Use Titebond and nails to secure the legs in place.

Step 8: Finish

Now the turkey is ready for its new home on your front porch. You could go a step further by paint or stain it if you want.

Add some paint or stain if you want and your new pallet turkey is ready for its new home on your front porch.


  1. Hey Danny – I can never break pallets apart without splitting the boards so I use a sawzall with the really long metal cutting blade to cut the nails off. Makes for cleaner boards and only have to plan other cuts to miss the nails. Boards make good rough cut shelves that I donate to local thrift store. Say hi to Mark Swanson if you see him! Bill Sims
    Kerrville Tx
    Formerly from Grand Bay


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