How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Bird Feeder

Squirrel at bird feeder
Locate your bird feeder as far as possible from trees and other objects.

Few things are more frustrating than being continually outwitted by a squirrel on a mission to steal food from the bird feeder in your yard. While I can’t offer any guarantees, if you follow the tips below, you should be able to stop squirrels from raiding your bird feeder, so you can get back to bird watching.

Place Bird Feeder Out of Reach

Squirrels are more than capable of jumping up to eight feet horizontally and 11 feet down in search of food. Although you may love having your bird feeder adjacent to your favorite tree, it’s best to move it at least 12 feet from anything squirrels can use as a launching pad to make a crash landing onto it.

Squirrel jumping from tree to tree
Squirrels can jump great distances.

Bird Feeder Baffle

If moving your bird feeder isn’t an option, a squirrel baffle should do the trick. Shaped like an upside down bowl, the baffle is placed on the pole below your bird feeder to shield it from hungry squirrels. If you have a hanging feeder, position the baffle above the feeder. In either case, the determined squirrel jumps onto the baffle then slides down to the ground.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Some bird feeders employ a sleeve that slams shut when anything heavier than a bird lands on the bird feeder. In the same motion, the feeder pushes the squirrel to the ground then resets to allow access to birds in search of food. A similar feeder, called the Yankee Flipper, spins whenever a squirrel jumps onto it, flinging the intruder to the ground.

Switch Bird Seed

There are a number of foods which birds love that squirrels don’t like to see on the menu. These include white millet for house finches, suet for nuthatches and woodpeckers, nyjer for goldfinches, and safflower for a variety of songbirds. Substitute these foods, and squirrels will go elsewhere to dine.

Squirrel eating a feeder
Squirrels see your bird feeder as an all they can eat buffet!

Try Hot Peppers

Another successful deterrent is adding hot peppers—such as chilies, jalapeños, or habaneras—to your bird feed mix. If you think this might be cruel to birds, don’t worry. Birds love them, but squirrels eat peppers once and don’t get back in line for seconds.

Squirrel eating corn at feeder
Consider adding a second feeder.

Add Second Feeder

A final option is to put out a second feeder just for squirrels that’s easy for them to reach. By doing this, you can have the best of both worlds—watching the antics of squirrels while still being able to enjoy the birds at the same time.

In my yard I’m happy to report that the birds now feed at their feeder and the squirrels at theirs.

I think in the end, we are all happier. And now, instead of being just a birdwatcher, I’m a bird and squirrel watcher!

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Stan Horst spends most of his days outdoors, running Cabin Creekwood with his wife and business partner, Deb, where they accommodate visitors from all over the world. A former carpenter, Stan also remains closely tied to his other love, wood. As the publisher of, Stan also sources quality benches for consumers.

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  1. At my Father-in-Law’s house we have seen the birds go after the squirrels who are picking up scattered seeds on the ground. They dive bomb them to get them away from the food.

  2. I have large oak trees in the backyard. I have 4 bird feeders hanging
    from very high branches with wire. Only have some residual seed on the
    ground. been feeding them for about 20 years. We now have one wild
    turkey which hangs under the feeders for a couple hours a day. Been
    visiting year round for 3 years. Rosa the turkey also keeps squirrels
    from feeding on the ground.

  3. Hi,
    I already have 2 Sherperd’s Hook poles for hanging items. Would like use them ( 1) to hold a Chickadee house on top section of the steel poles(about 3/8″ dia.) The pole has 2 hanging sections which are curved. Mounting a house on the house’s bottom , curved surface is quite the challenge since our location has lots of wind.
    Any suggestions for a nice looking mounting job, (pics) also



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