How to Install Stone Veneer Siding

Mix Quikrete’s Veneer Stone Mortar by hand or machine, depending on the size of the project, and apply a 1/2-inch coat for your wall’s foundation using a square trowel. Scratch the area horizontally with a steel bristle brush or metal rake and allow the mortar to set hard. Work in 5-square-foot sections and then move to other areas. Remember, always wear gloves and safety glasses when working with cement-based products.

Apply a scratch coat of mortar to provide a surface for laying the stone veneers.

Now, dampen the back of each stone veneer, apply ½-inch of mortar to the back of the veneer, and press each stone firmly onto the wall, rocking it back and forth, until mortar squeezes out.

You’ll want to position the stones so their joints, or gaps in between, are no more than a ½-inch.

Excess mortar is inevitable when you’re installing stone veneers. Just rock the veneer back and forth until mortar squeezes out.

There will be some excess mortar to deal with, and to remove that you’ll need to let it begin to dry and then brush away the droppings with a dry whisk brush. Never use a wet sponge or brush to do this or you’ll end up with some tough stains.

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