How to Install Stone Veneer Siding

Cover the wall with galvanized expanded metal lath after applying waterproof building paper.

After placing the building paper, you’ll need to install galvanized expanded metal lath over that entire surface. Use some galvanized nails or staples every 6 inches, both vertically and horizontally.

The nails or staples need to penetrate the studs at least 1 inch, and that lath should extend 16 inches around all corners.

Preparation is key. Lay out your stones on the ground and decide on an arrangement before installing them.

Now for the fun part: Lay out your stone veneers on the ground so you can determine the pattern you want.

Go ahead and pick pieces of varying sizes, shapes and colors to add variety. Here’s a rule of thumb: Place large stones beside smaller stones, and thick stones beside thinner ones for a more natural look.

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