Wild About Lavender: How to Grow This Beautiful, Versatile Plant

Field of purple lavender flowers.

How to Prune and Harvest Lavender

Pruning helps keep your lavender looking good and growing well, and harvesting your lavender will let you reap the benefits of its multiple uses. Here’s how:

  • Pruning Lavender: Prune lavender in the spring when green leaves start to emerge from the base of the plants. Prune off approximately 1/3 of the top of the plant.
  • Harvesting Lavender: Harvest in the morning when about half the flower buds have opened, since this is when the oils will be the most concentrated. Use clean pruning shears, and cut the stems as long as possible. Secure bundles of 50 to 100 lavender stems with rubber bands, and hang them to dry in a cool, dark place with good air circulation.


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