Wild About Lavender: How to Grow This Beautiful, Versatile Plant

What’s so Lovable About Lavender

Lavender’s delicate stalks of purple, pink, or white blooms make beautiful edgings, groupings, or flower box features. Lavender’s foliage can also be quite lovely, sometimes taking on a silvery color.

Purple flowering lavender plants.But the biggest reason to love lavender may be its status as king of the garden multitaskers.

Lavender isn’t just another pretty face—it also makes gorgeous wreaths and dried floral arrangements and sweet-smelling sachets.

In addition you can use lavender’s essential oil to make everything from soaps to lotions to linen sprays.

Some types of lavender are even edible* and are delicious in recipes such as ice cream, cheese cake, and sparkling lavender lemonade.

Lavender even attracts butterflies to your garden, so the gorgeous blooms and foliage won’t be the only colors that this multi-purpose beauty will bring to your garden.

All in all, no flower gives you more bang for your buck!


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      The lavender post is a multipage article. One page is on the different uses for lavender, one is on how to grow it, and another is on the different types of lavender. Click on the pagination at the bottom of each page of the article to see the other pages.


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