How to Give an Old Lamp a New Look!

I had an old lamp base that I liked very much, but I wasn’t thrilled with the finish on the wood. So I decided to jazz it up a bit with a spray can of HAMMERED paint by Rust-Oleum. It’s perfect for painting over wood, metal, plaster, ceramics and previously painted surfaces. Plus, it creates a textured finish to replicate the look of a hammered metal surface.

                Lamp before painting                               Lamp after painting

Before painting it, I taped off the cord and the socket with painter’s tape to make sure I didn’t get paint where I didn’t want it. Then with a sanding sponge, I lightly sanded the surface since the wood has a clear topcoat on it for protection.

Tape up lamp socket before painting.       Sand wood base with sanding sponge.

With spray paint in hand, I carefully sprayed the base in a steady sweeping motion, making sure that the paint didn’t puddle and run down the sides. It’s a good idea to spray several light coats instead of one heavy one.

          Apply several light coats of spray paint to the lamp, and allow it to dry.

Once the paint dried, I could really see the hammered detail of the paint texture. Adding a beautiful mosaic lampshade was the perfect touch in completing the project.

Rust-Oleum HAMMERED series paint comes in several different colors and metal finishes, including bronze, silver, gold and copper. I like the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be sprayed right over rusted areas on metal surfaces like patio furniture.


  1. Nancy, I too like working with the Rust-Oleum products. Another of their products I like are the kits that create a faux finish…leather, distressed and patina are fun to play around with.


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