How to Lengthen the Life of Your Heating and Cooling System

Man sets American Standard AccuLink thermostat
Programmable thermostats, particularly Wi-Fi connected ones, adapt to your heating and cooling needs.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat

When you use your heating and cooling system less, it lasts longer. With a programmable thermostat, you can strategically use your system so that it only runs when you need it.

For example, with a programmable thermostat, you can set it to start heating or cooling your home to a more comfortable level about a half-hour before you get home in the evening.

This way, you can save on energy costs and heating and cooling running time during the daytime hours when no one is home.

Better yet, a Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat can monitor your patterns and suggest efficiencies, saving you even more money.

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Setting smart thermostat to auto fan
Your thermostat’s ‘auto’ fan setting is very good for your wallet. (DepositPhotos)

4. Use the ‘Auto’ Setting

Your heating and cooling system has various settings. The most common ones are the ‘auto’ and ‘on’ positions.

You should always run your system on the ‘auto’ setting. This means that the fan will only blow when the system needs it to do so to reach the desired temperature.

When you set your system to the ‘on’ position, the fan will run around the clock regardless of the set temperature.

Extending the life of your heating and cooling unit is all about caring for its components and limiting unnecessary use.

When you run your heating and cooling system only when you need it, you can count on it lasting longer than the manufacturer suggests.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer.

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    • Much of the maintenance can be done by the homeowner. Keeping the system clean is a must which will alert you to a lot of problems

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