How to Cut Existing Flooring Flush with Cabinets

Closeup of stunning upscale kitchen floor with raised panel cabinets and the toe kick

I want to remove my existing laminate flooring and replace it with cement backer board and tile, but the cabinets are built on top of the laminate. How can I cut the flooring flush with the cabinet kickboard to keep from having to take out all my cabinets? -Stacy

Hi Stacy,

Crain Tools makes a specialty saw (Crain #79 Toe-Kick Saw) that can cut up to 3/4″ deep flush with a cabinet under a toe space. More information is available on the Crain Tools website. Check with tool rental stores in your area to see if you can rent one.

You could also consider outfitting a small grinder with a blade to cut through it, but be careful it doesn’t kickback and cause injury or damage your cabinets. Attaching a strip of sheet metal or plastic laminate with double stick tape to the cabinet kickboard can help keep the blade from marring it.

Good luck with your project,



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