How To Create The Workshop of Your Dreams

Gladiator Tool Chest

If tinkering with your toys or working on that Honey Do List is how you spend your weekends, create the backdrop that makes that time spent even more enjoyable. Gladiator® GarageWorks has just what you need – work surfaces, tool storage solutions and supply storage – to help keep you (and your projects) on track.

A good piece to start with is the Gladiator® Modular Workbench, available in widths of 6 or 8 feet. Its solid maple surface provides a strong base for all of your projects. Adding a powerstrip offers nine additional outlets, allowing to you work almost anywhere in your space.

When thinking about storage, you should consider something mobile. Mobile storage pieces like the Gladiator® Modular GearBox and the Gladiator® Modular GearDrawer easily dock under the Workbench and offer you additional workspace when you pull them out to your main work area.

Tool storage is one of the great challenges in keeping your workspace in top working order. Properly storing your tools increases your efficiency and saves valuable time better spent working. You can keep tools you use frequently, visible yet completely organized, by pairing a Gladiator® slat wall solution with a wide variety of hooks. For specialty tools and power tools, Modular Cabinets or the new line of Gladiator® Tool Storage provide the perfect solution – and they can all be locked for additional safety and security.

Gladiator WorkbenchOf course, you don’t just use tools when you work. You also rely on all kinds of supplies and equipment – paint, cleaners, solvents, buckets, extension cords, trash bags, fasteners and a whole lot more. You can store them in various Gladiator® cabinets, which can rest on the floor, hang on the wall or move around on wheeled casters. Gladiator® steel shelves are great for books and other small items you want to keep handy. Small item bins let you sort every nut, bolt, screw and nail you’ve got.

Give your workspace a solid, durable base with floor coverings. Gladiator brand offers tiles in multiple colors to create the look you want and have slip-resistant tread patterns to hold heavy-duty equipment and vehicles.

Finally, you spend a lot of time in your garage, so you’re going to get thirsty. The Gladiator® Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator and Freezerator® Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer offer more than enough room for your favorite beverages with space left over to store extra food.

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