How to Create Colorful Concrete Stools

Pouring Quikrete concrete mix into a plastic bucket
No, we’re not shifting gears and pouring a concrete countertop. But Quikrete Countertop Mix is perfect for all kinds of projects, including concrete stools.

3. Mix the Concrete

Pour some Quikrete Countertop Mix into a plastic bucket and add water, according to the package’s directions. We’re using countertop mix because it’s thick, doesn’t have rocks in it, and leaves a smooth finish.

Using a power drill to mix concrete in a plastic bucket
Thank goodness for two inventions: the drill and the mixing paddle. Makes mixing concrete a breeze!

The directions actually call for a mechanical mixer, but since this is a small job and we’re using such a small amount (compared to a countertop), I opted to mix with the mixing paddle and drill.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf inserts the modified building form into a plastic bucket
And now, the moment of truth: landing the modified building form smack in the center of this bucket.

4. Place the Quik-Tubes

Insert the Quik-Tubes with dowels — and covered bottoms — into each of the two plastic buckets. Make sure they’re smack in the center of each bucket.

Then, secure the dowels to the buckets with trigger clamps and weigh down the Quik-Tubes with full paint cans or similarly sized, heavy objects. We don’t want this tube to slip and slide!

Pouring mixed concrete into a plastic bucket around the Quik-Tube
Pouring concrete mix around the building form is easy because we planned ahead by using a form that’s much taller than the bucket.

5. Pour Concrete into Forms

Pour concrete mix from the mixing bucket into the form buckets, and make sure the mix goes around the tubes, not inside them.

Our goal is to pour just enough concrete to make hollow stools. Solid concrete stools would be much heavier and would use more concrete than we actually need — not efficient! 

When you’ve poured enough mix to reach the top of the form, use a small masonry trowel to smooth it out.

Tapping plastic bucket with a rubber mallet
Tap-tap-tap — that’s the sound of freedom. (From air bubbles.)

6. Tap Out the Bubbles

Grab a rubber mallet and tap around the sides of each form bucket. This prevents air bubbles so your stools will look their best!


  1. That is so neat. I guess that someone could do a small table the same way . Maybe a front porch lighting on each side of the front door. Do you have any else like this?

    • Thanks for your content suggestion! We are always looking for ways to enhance Take care. 🙂


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