How to Create a DIY Patio with Quikrete WalkMaker

Gray DIY concrete patio made from Quikrete WalkMaker
If you want a patio, but don’t want to pour a concrete slab, use Quikrete WalkMaker as a DIY-friendly solution. 

Creating an outdoor living space has never been more popular. But if your home lacks the basics and you have a limited budget, you can always go the do-it-yourself route. In this case, start with a DIY patio.

Many homeowners pour a concrete slab or install a paver patio. While both projects produce beautiful results, they may be too advanced for novice DIYers.

Here’s an easier alternative: build a small concrete patio using manufactured forms! Anyone can pour concrete mix into plastic forms and, little by little, create a space for recreation.  

Read on to learn just how simple it is!

Making concrete pathway with Quikrete WalkMaker
Quikrete WalkMaker is a plastic form that makes creating concrete walkways easy. But you can use the tool to create a patio, too. 

About Quikrete WalkMaker

Quikrete’s WalkMaker forms help homeowners easily create pathways. Each plastic form creates an approximately 2-square-foot section using one 80-pound bag of premixed concrete.

Shoveling concrete mix into forms is a simple, DIY-friendly project — anybody can do it! You can create customized walkways that look like brick or natural stone, with the durability and affordability of poured concrete.

WalkMaker comes in four designs: Basket Weave Brick, Country Stone Pattern, European Block Brick and Running Bond Brick, so there’s an option that’s sure to match any style of home.

You can even color each concrete paver for a more natural-looking finish that blends in with your landscape design.

Now, what does the WalkMaker have to do with a DIY patio? Everything! Because you can tweak the pathway creation instructions to create a concrete patio instead.

Concrete fire pit surrounded by patio made from Quikrete WalkMaker
When it comes to concrete creations you can make with Quikrete WalkMaker, your imagination is the limit. Here’s a patio that includes a fire pit. 

Creating a DIY Patio with WalkMaker

Using WalkMaker to create a concrete patio isn’t much different from creating a path.

Here’s what to do:

Prep the Project Site. WalkMaker requires very little surface preparation. Simply remove any sod and level the surface. The form can be placed directly on the ground.

Mix the Concrete. Add water to Quikrete Concrete Mix or Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix, as directed on the package. Hand-mix it in a wheelbarrow or a plastic bucket with a hoe, masonry trowel or shovel.

Lay Out Your DIY Patio. The reusable WalkMaker forms come in four distinct designs. It’s easiest to use the Basket Weave Brick, Running Bond Brick or European Block forms, because they all have straight edges. Start from the home’s foundation and work out from the house.

Fill the Forms. Place the WalkMaker form on the ground and begin to fill openings with concrete. Using a trowel, press the concrete into the form. Work from the corners to consolidate the concrete and eliminate any voids.

Move the Pavers. Next, just smooth the surfaces and immediately remove the form. There’s no need to wait for the concrete to set. Afterward, simply rotate the form a quarter of a turn to vary the pattern for a random look. Before the concrete becomes thumbprint hard, in about an hour or so, use your towel to smooth any rough edges.

Cure the Concrete. Begin curing the concrete immediately after the sheen has left the surface. Freshly placed concrete should be water-cured for 3-5 days with a fine water mist. The curing step is necessary for concrete to achieve its designed strength.

To remove the need for water curing, you can use Quikrete Acrylic Cure and Seal. In addition to eliminating the water curing process, Quikrete Acrylic Cure and Seal applies a semi-gloss sheen that repels water and protects the concrete from grease, oil and food stains. It can be applied with a roller, garden sprayer or a brush.

Dog walks on colored concrete patio made from Quikrete WalkMaker
Add Liquid Cement Color to the concrete mix for an eye-catching result. 

Customize Your DIY Patio

You can always tweak these instructions to customize your patio. For instance, add liquid color to the concrete mix to give the patio a more natural-looking finish.

For every two 60-pound or 80-pound bags of dry concrete mix, blend one 10-ounce bottle of Quikrete Liquid Cement Color with 5 quarts of clean water. Mix the liquid into dry concrete until the color is consistent. Add clean water as needed until you have the desired uniformity.

You also can brush on a layer of play sand, or press small stones or pea gravel into the wet concrete for different surface finishes. Do this after the concrete initially sets — about one hour after placement, when it’s “thumbprint hard” but still damp.

These are just two ways to customize your DIY patio, but your imagination is the limit.

Have you poured a concrete patio? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  1. Great way to pickup tips for home improvement projects. I like that they tell you what’s diy and when you should bring in professional.

  2. I walk with a cane so I really need something smooth This looks like something I could really use Thanks for the chance to win

  3. Thanks for the clear ‘how to” instructions Am a Senior and was thinking about using this method to make a section of my backyard decent. My entire surroundings are rough -red clay, trees and ivy. What a Godsend this would be!!!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed this content! Please share it with friends — that’s how we’re able to create similar content.

    • Absolutely, Sharon! You can find this product at your local home improvement store or
      Good luck with your project. 🙂

  4. I will be very grateful to win the Quikrete WalkMaker. I enjoy doing small projects but this will be the biggest of all. I read the information on how to get started and I know I can do this. Quikrete makes it simple and enjoyable.

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  6. What a great idea for me backyard ,it’s so hard with me tailbone issues, on the uneven lawn to get to the back gate to throw garbage away in the ally every other day
    Thank You Danny for the chance to win your Quickrete giveaway

    • Congratulations on your new home, Sue! You’ll find plenty of great ideas right here on
      Just use the search engine up top. 🙂

  7. I am a single older person and I would Love to have a new patio. I have an acre and it would be terrific to have a place to sit patio furniture and enjoy the outdoors.

    • Then Quikrete’s products (concrete mix, Walkmaker, and resurfacers) can definitely help with your goal, Debra!
      Just head to and find the project and product that’s right for your backyard. 🙂

    • We’re glad that this project inspired you, Dee!
      It’s a very DIY-friendly product and process.
      Good luck with creating your DIY patio. 🙂

  8. I tried to make a walkway to my back spigot with rocks, but it doesn’t work very well when you’re a bit older and less steady on your feet. It looks like quikrete is the ideal solution. Thank you for the introduction!

  9. Need a walkway around the yard . to the chicken coop. Beautiful lake views just need sitting areas that are more water friendly. Quick Crete is the perfect product to use.

    • Sounds like a plan, Barbara! Quikrete Walkmaker is a great DIY-friendly tool that can make your dream pathway a reality. 🙂


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