How to Control Aggressive Plants in Your Yard

Removing a plant by pulling it up.
It's important to remove and dispose of aggressive plants properly.

Disposing of Aggressive Plants

Once you’ve pulled, dug, or killed unwanted aggressive plants, be sure to dispose of them properly so they won’t find their way back into your yard!

Here are some tips on how to dispose of aggressive plants:

  • Burn: Either burn the waste yourself, or drop it off at your local landfill – they often have a burn pile.
  • Compost: If the plant is very aggressive, don’t add it to your compost pile unless you’re confident the pile will generate enough heat to kill the roots and seeds. However, you can create a separate out-of-the-way compost pile for aggressive plants, as long as you don’t use the compost from it in your garden.
  • Sun: Spread the pulled plants out on a driveway or patio, and let them bake in the sun until they’re good and crispy. Then, throw them away.

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  1. Danny I have the age old problem, crabgrass.
    I have tried Bayer, Scotts, Jonathan Green and Ortho products. Nothing will slow it down from reseeding and spreading. I would like to say I would pull it all out, but I have 1000’s of plants. Have learned that when I pull some out by the roots, not to shake off the dirt because that scatters seeds. Any suggestions?


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