How to Control Aggressive Plants in Your Yard

Flowering gooseneck loosestrife plant.
Gooseneck loosestrife is an attractive but aggressive plant that can spread easily.

Aggressive plants can take over even the most meticulous garden. Perhaps you planted a tendril of gooseneck loosestrife and regret it, or your neighbor’s periwinkle is creeping into your rose garden.

No matter how attractive they are, aggressive plants can be hard to control because, by nature, they are quick to spread and difficult to kill.

Read on for tips on how to control aggressive plants that are trying to take over your yard or garden.


  1. Danny I have the age old problem, crabgrass.
    I have tried Bayer, Scotts, Jonathan Green and Ortho products. Nothing will slow it down from reseeding and spreading. I would like to say I would pull it all out, but I have 1000’s of plants. Have learned that when I pull some out by the roots, not to shake off the dirt because that scatters seeds. Any suggestions?


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