How to Choose Gutters for Your Home

We plan to install gutters on our home, and since we’re not do-it-yourselfers in this area, we will contract the job out. What type of guttering and downspouts would you recommend? -Susan

Hi Susan,
Since you’re not planning on tackling the job yourself, I would go with seamless aluminum gutters that are made on site to whatever length is needed. Request the heaviest gauge guttering available (0.32”), and have the gutters attached with screwed on hidden fasteners, rather than spikes and ferrules. Use the larger size (3” x 4”) downspouts to reduce the chance of clogging.

It’s a good idea to put an extension on the bottom end of your downspouts to direct the water as far away from your house as possible. You also might want to consider covering them with gutter guards to keep out leaves and other debris.

Good luck with your project,



  1. Mi home is a 1928 Craftsman bungalow the roof wood that comes down from the Roof has no wood across the whole house what size of wood do I need to install so I can add Gutters??.


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