How to Choose a Portable Air Conditioner for Your Home

Other Portable AC Features

When choosing a portable AC unit, also consider:

Portable AC with remote control
Portable AC remote control
  • Controls: Some portable air conditioners have programmable digital controls and thermostats while others have simpler manual controls. You can also find units with remote controls. Programmable digital controls provide the most hands-free operation, but they tend to wear out quicker than manual controls.
  • Louvers: Portable air conditioners with oscillating louvers or a multi-directional air flow will distribute cool air more evenly throughout the room.
  • Energy Efficiency: Portable AC units should have an energy efficiency rating (EER). The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit.
  • Casters and Handles: If you’re going to be moving your portable air conditioner around, choose one with casters and easy-grip handles.
  • Noise Level: All portable AC units make noise, but some are louder than others. Depending on your intended use for the unit, you may be able to tolerate more or less noise.

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  1. There are two different BTU ratings on each unit. Of course the higher of the two is the one that’s touted loudly on the packaging and the lower of the two is in smaller print a ways down. What I want to know is why are the two numbers so far apart ? Mine says 8000 BTU / 5500 BTU. Is it a “peak” vs “average” or “continuous” like with generators ? Or something else ?


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