HWA Home Warranty Review

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Whether you’ve bought a new home or have lived in your home for decades, a home warranty can provide added home protection in addition to your homeowners insurance. However, when looking for a home warranty provider that best fits your needs, it’s important to do your research to ensure you’re getting the most out of your home warranty plan.

After reading our review of HWA Home Warranty plans, you’ll learn about the specific coverage offered by HWA Home Warranty in both standard and premium plans, including add-on options, and the cost for each, as well as our recommendation for the best home warranty provider.

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Overview of Home Warranty of America (HWA)

Home Warranty of America (HWA) has been providing home protection plans for decades and offers advanced coverage at a higher rate than many other top providers. HWA offers their Energy Star upgrade coverage, which is a factor that really sets this home warranty provider apart. On the downside, it often takes up to 48 hours to schedule a trade service call.


  • Energy Star upgrades
  • Generous coverage limits
  • Nationwide coverage


  • Delayed service requests

HWA Home Warranty Coverage and Cost

HWA covers up to 30 major appliances and systems, both new and old. There is no home inspection required to purchase a home warranty with HWA, and there are no age restrictions for home systems or appliances.

You can choose HWA Home Warranty’s lowest service fee of $75 and pay a few more dollars a month for your premium, or choose a $100 service fee and pay less monthly. The average cost of the premium for an HWA Plan is between $41 and $53 per month, though this will vary based on your home, location, and plan details.

HWA Home Warranty offers home protection plans in 49 states, excluding only California, and has a trusted network of repair service providers.

The HWA Premier Plan is the most affordable of the 2 plans offered and covers the major appliances and home systems. The Premier Plus Plan covers all that’s in the Premier Plan, plus a few extra items:

 Premier PlanPremier Plus Plan
Built-in microwaves
Burglar alarm systems
Ceiling and exhaust fans
Central vacuums
Electrical systems
Exhaust fans
Garbage disposals
Garage door systems
Heating system
Ice maker
Instant hot water dispensers
Kitchen refrigerator
Sump pumps (permanent)
Trash compactors
Water heaters
Whirlpool bathtubs
Cooling system (including window units) 
Comprehensive dishwasher coverage 
Comprehensive garage door system coverage 
Plumbing fixtures, faucets and showerheads 

In addition to HWA’s standard and premium coverage across two primary plans, you can further customize your home warranty contract to service the following items for an additional monthly charge:

ItemCost Per Month
Saltwater pools$11.54
Roof leak repair$3.85
Second refrigerator$2.69
SEER/R-410A modifications$5.77
Septic system$3.85
Well pump$6.54
Pool/spa combo$11.54
Stand-alone freezer$2.69
Septic tank pumping$3.85

Finally, you can further customize your HWA home warranty plan with the following coverage packages:

  • GreenPlus: Coverage for appliance upgrades with Energy Star-approved products including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and heating system replacement.
  • OrangePlus: Includes coverage for water softeners and rekeying, including the haul away of broken equipment for no extra charge. This covers the following items:
    • Code Violations/Permits: Up to $250
    • Professional Series Appliances: Up to $2,000
    • Toilet Replacement: Up to $600

HWA Home Warranty Quote Process

When we requested a quote online for HWA Home Warranty, it worked the first time. However, when we attempted the process again in order to choose add-on features, we could only receive a quote if we entered our phone number for a call back from a representative “during regular business hours.”

This was the first strike against HWA. We believe that consumers wanting to request a quote online, should be able to do this without the pressure of a representative, if they so choose.

Our Verdict on HWA Home Warranty

HWA does have some advantages, like their adjusted service fee schedule based on monthly premiums, and their option of Energy Star upgrades. However, the negative attention to their claims process and their pricing overall keep them from being our top pick.

Our updated research findings keep leading us back to Choice Home Warranty as the provider with the most consumer-relevant comprehensive coverage plans for the most reasonable price. In addition, Choice Home Warranty shines among competitors in its exceptional transparency alone.

Our Recommendation: Choice Home Warranty 

We rate Choice Home Warranty as the Best Overall provider in the home warranty industry. Like HWA Home Warranty, Choice offers two primary tiers of coverage. The Choice Basic Plan covers multiple major appliances and home systems. The Total Plan covers everything in the Basic plan, plus some additional systems and appliances. 

One of the biggest selling points for Choice Home Warranty is their simple pricing for all the home protection you need and more. The quote process is quick and easy to navigate, and you can have a quote within two minutes through their basic online form. Our team got a sample quote directly from Choice Home Warranty for an address in Georgia, zip code 30097, and we received the following:

 Monthly PremiumService Fee
Basic Plan$41.25$60-$85
Total Plan$50$60-$85

Additional Perks

Although Choice Home Warranty beats competitors in many ways, the company also offers some attractive additional perks:

  • Limited Roof Leak Coverage: Many home warranty companies don’t offer this option, even as an add-on.
  • Plumbing Stoppages: Choice Home Warranty is one of a very few home warranty companies that cover plumbing clogs.
  • First Month Free: This perk is available to all customers, just for choosing a Choice Home Warranty plan.
  • Consumer-Focused Add-On Options: Choice Home Warranty offers add-on options that make sense for most homeowners.
  • Superb Transparency: No other home warranty provider offers the level of transparency that Choice does, from the initial quote process to the completion of claims, in terms of specific coverages and costs, as well as their sample contract specifications.

We also encourage you to read Trustpilot customer reviews for Choice Home Warranty to see for yourself what the customer experience is really like.

Is A Home Warranty Cost-Effective?

Although it may seem that a home warranty can cost a substantial amount of money, the costs pale in comparison to the costs of common home repairs or replacements.

  • Installing a new furnace: $3,880 – $8,000
  • Repairing a furnace: $288
  • Installing a hot water heater: $1,000
  • Hiring an electrician: $325
  • Replacing a garbage disposal: $80 – $720
  • Installing new plumbing pipes: $559 – $2,443

With all costs considered, a Choice Home Warranty premium is significantly lower than the average costs for home repairs or replacements.

Including two service calls per term, a Choice Home Warranty plan costs an average of $676/year.

Our research team is here to help you find the best home warranty for the best price. We will continue to strive to provide the most pertinent data available to help consumers like you make the most informed choice possible.

Home Warranty Rating Methodology

To help you find the best home warranty, our reviews team researched numerous home warranty companies, analyzing their coverage plans, pricing and customer service, among other factors:

  • Coverage: Home warranty companies that provide extensive coverage and protect important systems and appliances, including your air conditioning, refrigerator and heating, scored higher than companies with minimal coverage.
  • Plan variety: A provider with more coverage plans allows for more flexibility among customers. In general, most home warranty companies provide an appliances-only plan, systems-only plan and combination plan.
  • Pricing: We scored providers based on their monthly plan prices and service call fees compared to the industry average pricing. Companies with more affordable coverage received more points than companies with more expensive plans.
  • State availability: Where you live will determine what companies are available in your area. Home warranty companies that covered more states received more points than companies with a limited state availability.
  • Trustworthiness: There are some home warranty companies that are scams and don’t follow through on their service agreements. We rated companies based on their years of experience, ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.

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