Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

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If you’re in the market for a home warranty, chances are you’re familiar with Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and American Home Shield (AHS). Both are top-rated home warranty providers offering comprehensive coverage, 24/7 customer service and multiple plan options.

In this article, we’ll compare each company’s coverage, plan pricing and state availability, and we will also provide information on how to get a free quote from each provider. Keep reading to determine if Choice Home Warranty or American Home Shield is the best home warranty company for you and your home.In This Article: 

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Plans: Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

Choice Home Warranty Coverage

Choice Home Warranty offers two plans: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan includes an impressive range of appliances and systems for a base plan. The Total Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan but adds coverage for your laundry appliances, air conditioning and refrigerator. Choice also offers optional add-ons, including: Pool/spa, additional spa, limited roof-leak coverage, stand-alone freezer, central vacuum, second refrigerator, well pump, septic system, sump pump, septic tank pumping

CoverageBasic PlanTotal Plan
Heating system
Electrical system
Plumbing system
Plumbing stoppages
Air conditioning 
Water heater
Whirlpool bathtub
Built-in microwave
Garbage disposal
Clothes washer 
Clothes dryer 
Garage-door opener
Ceiling and exhaust fans

American Home Shield Coverage

American Home Shield offers a bit more flexibility with its three plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum. 

American Home Shield also offers five add-ons: Electronics protection plan (TVs, laptops, smart home systems), pool, spa, guest unit, septic pump, well pump

Roof leak repairs  
Air conditioner
Heating unit
Built-in exhaust, vent and attic fans
Main breaker and fuse panel box
Doorbells and chimes
Interior electrical lines
Ceiling fans
Garage-door openers
Interior plumbing lines
Faucets and valves
Whirlpool tub motor and components
Water heater
Built-in microwave oven 
Garbage disposal 
Instant hot/cold water dispenser 

Cost: Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

All prices listed are reflective of sample quotes our team received for a single-family home under 5,000 square feet. Because pricing may vary based on where you live and the plan you select, we recommend getting a free quote from each company for the most accurate pricing.Ultimately, American Home Shield’s ShieldSilver and ShieldGold plans are more affordable than Choice Home Warranty’s plans, but its ShieldPlatinum Plan is comparable to Choice Home Warranty’s Basic Plan and Total Plan.

Choice Home Warranty Cost

Plan Plan Pricing
Basic Plan $46.83 per month
Total Plan

$54.75 per month

Choice Home Warranty charges a $85 service call fee.

American Home Shield Cost

Plan$75 Service Fee$100 Service Fee$125 Service Fee


With American Home Shield, you have the option to choose between three different service call fees: $75, $100 and $125. Your monthly payment will be lower if you choose a higher service call fee and vice versa.

States Served by Choice Home Warranty & American Home Shield

Choice Home Warranty covers 48 states, excluding California and Washington, and American Home Shield covers 49 states, excluding Alaska.

Service: Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

Both companies offer 24/7 customer service. With each company, you have the choice of utilizing an online portal or a customer service phone number to file claims.

Choice Home Warranty Service

Choice Home Warranty promises to initiate service with a contractor within four hours of your claim being filed. An approved technician will reach out to you with their name and phone number within 48 hours of your initial claim.

All services have a 90-day guarantee for parts and a 60-day guarantee for labor. If you have a trusted repair technician you like working with, you can seek approval from Choice Home Warranty to use them prior to service instead of a contractor appointed by CHW. Choice Home Warranty will not pay for repairs made by unauthorized technicians.

American Home Shield Service

Similar to Choice Home Warranty, American Home Shield will try to send a technician out to your home within 48 hours of receiving your claim. American Home Shield has one of the largest networks of approved technicians among home warranty providers, but it also allows its customers to use their own repair technicians with approval from the company.

Third-party service providers must be approved by American Home Shield in advance of repairs if you want to be reimbursed for service. The providers must be licensed and insured in your state. All repairs are backed by a 30-day guarantee through AHS.

Our Verdict

Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield are two great options for home warranty providers. Both companies offer comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price with options for additional coverage. Choice Home Warranty’s customers will find more variety across add-on options, while American Home Shield’s customers will typically find more comprehensive coverage across core plans.

Ultimately, we recommend getting a free quote from both companies to weigh your coverage and pricing options.Today’s Homeowner readers also have access to promotional deals from both American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty. If you sign up today, you can save $50 on a policy from American Home Shield. Choice Home Warranty offers $50 off and one month of free service.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does a home warranty work?

A home warranty protects major home systems and appliances, such as your air conditioning, refrigerator and dishwasher, when they break down from normal wear and tear and prevents you from paying for expensive repairs out of pocket. With a home warranty, you pay a monthly payment between $40 and $60, and repairs to covered items will be partially or completely covered by your home warranty provider. Instead of paying for a repair out of pocket, you’ll only need to cover a small service call fee, which ranges from $65–$125 depending on your provider.

Which home warranty is the best?

Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield are two top-rated home warranty providers in the industry. While Choice’s combo plan may be a little more affordable than American Home Shield’s combo plans, American Home Shield provides more coverage options than Choice Home Warranty. We ultimately recommend getting a free quote from both companies to see which company best fits your budget and coverage needs.

What is a service call fee?

A service call fee is a small payment made to the technician dispatched to your house. Most service call fees range from $65–$125, which is much cheaper than the price of repairs without a home warranty.

Do Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield cover air conditioning?

What does a home warranty cover?

Yes, both companies cover air conditioning. Choice Home Warranty covers air conditioning in its Total Plan, and American Home Shield covers air conditioning in its ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum plans.


  1. We bought a home and in the purchase were provided with American Home Shield (AHS). We kept it for about five years. They used only one local vendor for home appliances. The washer took about six months for that vendor to repair. The reason being they tried certain lower cost repair parts in four visits. Those did not work. Finally after we kept reporting the problem they sent a proper technician that was not employed by them who diagnosed the washer and fixed it. That person stayed and tested it for a complete cycle to ensure it actually worked.

    A refrigerator problem was submitted by us to AHS. That same vendor made made a diagnosis and we waited for more than three months for a return visit. After several weeks I would call the vendor the check the status of the work order. I called three times and was answered exactly the same, that they would again check for the delivery to them of the part. I told them I would ask for another vendor with AHS and the reply I got was in effect they did not really care about my perception and the woman who took the call said she goes through the same type attitudes from people. But she refused to allow me to talk to the company owner.

    I called AHS and asked them to use another vendor for kitchen and laundry appliances but they refused even though I gave them the details. So I ceased payment of the warranty with them. They then threatened to submit my action on discontinuance of payment to them to a collector. AHS continued calling me and I explained more than four more times about the incidents. Most of the callers could not be easily understood because of their seemingly foreign accents. I still get emails asking for resumption of membership but cannot get anyone with AHS to take the proper action we have needed.

    There are no doubt other problems people have and there are some who cite correct action they and other home warranty companies provide. But I have ceased membership to all these out od despair. You may also check Consumer and Dave Ramsey for cautions about needing these type plans.


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