America’s Preferred Home Warranty Review

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If you’re searching for financial relief to protect you from unexpected repairs, home warranty plans can alleviate the strain on your budget. Optional protection plans are available to cover major home systems and appliances from normal wear and tear. It is a peace of mind warranty that provides monetary assistance when a home system or appliance inevitably fails.

Before acquiring a home warranty protection plan, it’s key to understand a company’s terms and conditions, costs and the process to file a claim. You must consider the price for coverage, which is typically locked in for a 12-month contract and other expenses like service fees. 

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Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

Our team of researchers will show you the ins and outs of home warranty protection. In this review, we aim to provide an unbiased evaluation that sheds light on the company, America’s Preferred Home Warranty. Similarly, we will discuss the company’s terms and conditions, hidden costs and limitations regarding what is covered under warranty. 

After learning all you need to know about America’s Preferred Home Warranty, we will then disclose our reasons for recommending our ultimate choice, American Home Shield. Its long-standing experience in the industry has driven proven results and dedicated customer service that policyholders can trust. 

If you would like to learn more about the American Home Shield difference, fill out this simple form or call 844-529-9298 to get a quote. 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Overview

Since 1999, America’s Preferred Home Warranty has operated as a Christian-based warranty group, with its headquarters in Jackson, Michigan. According to its profile on the Better Business Bureau, the group is accredited and has been awarded an A+. It shows a three out of five-star rating from over 140 customers. 

America’s Preferred Home makes choosing a home warranty protection plan easy because they only offer a single package. Find out more about why the company has become a reputable name in the industry.

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America’s Preferred Home Warranty Plans

Throughout the industry, home warranty companies generally offer several protection plans with varying terms regarding the equipment that is covered. However, America’s Preferred Home Warranty is rare by only offering one comprehensive package. 

You can learn more about the home systems and appliances that are covered and what types of repairs are included under warranty from an America’s Preferred Home Warranty sample contract. We will also show you what is included when you upgrade the home warranty plans with the available Preferred Upgrade Enhancements. The extended coverage offers additional protection for select equipment. 

Standard CoverageIncluded with Preferred Upgrade Enhancements
Heating SystemRegisters, grills and heat lamps
RefrigeratorControl board, ice maker, ice/beverage dispenser and refrigerant recovery
Attic and Exhaust Fans 
Central Vacuum 
Electrical System 
Instant Hot Water Dispenser 
Plumbing System and StoppagesToilets may be replaced with similar models
Permanent Trash CompactorLock and key assemblies and buckets
Water HeaterIncludes sediment buildup
Garage Door OpenerHinges, springs, transmitters and keypads
Hotel Benefits 
Permanent Sump Pump 
Limited Roof Leak Repair 
Septic System 
Water Well Pump 
Built-In DishwasherRacks, baskets and rollers
Built-In MicrowaveInterior lining, glass, doors, clocks and shelves
Built-In OvenRotisseries, racks, handles, interior lining, clocks, knobs and dials
Central Air ConditioningRefrigerant recovery, crane expenses for installation, registers and grills
Free-Standing Range and Cooktop 
Garbage Disposal 
A special electrical package covers fire or burglar alarms, lighting fixtures and doorbells. 
Ceiling Fans
$250 toward the correction of code violations

Optional Add-Ons

While the standard coverage package covers most equipment in the home, America’s Preferred Home Warranty also offers home warranty protection for these optional add-ons. All prices were found using the website’s tool. 

Covered SystemCoverage Caps
Pool and Spa$600
Premium Pool and Spa/Saltwater$1,200
Clothes Washer and Dryer$400
Water Softener$600
Jetted Bathtub$600

Keep in mind, to acquire home warranty coverage for these add-ons, additional fees will apply. 

What Types of Home Repairs Are Covered?

Home warranty plans differ from a homeowner’s insurance policy because it covers major home systems and appliances from normal wear and tear. 

SituationHome Warranty CompaniesHomeowner Insurance Provider
The compressor within an air conditioning system fails to operate.X
A fire in your home destroys major systems within.X
A theft occurred in your home, resulting in the loss of appliances. X
Your furnace fails to operate, even after performing routine maintenance.X

Under an America’s Preferred Home Warranty plan, most components and parts that are necessary for the operation of a major home appliance or system are protected. 

Cost Breakdowns

Since the peace of mind from home warranty plans includes budget protection, you should know what a policy will cost you throughout the year. In addition to an annual premium, it’s crucial to understand associated expenses, like service fees. 

Under an America’s Preferred Home Warranty plan, policyholders can alter the total for a contract by choosing their deductible. This is also known as the trade service fee. Here is how the costs break down according to the company’s signup form. 

Deductible AmountAnnual Payment OptionMonthly Payment Option
$50 Deductible$549$45.75
$100 Deductible$499$41.58
$125 Deductible$465$38.75

We compared the average costs among other home warranty companies in this America’s Preferred Home Warranty review. Ultimately, we found both the contract charges and service fees lean toward the higher side. 

For instance, throughout the industry, the typical cost of home warranty plans for basic coverage starts around $300. More comprehensive protection averages around $600. Considering the average cost of service fees ranges between $75 to $125, we can determine that America’s Preferred Home Warranty’s fee meets both the high and low tiers of the industry.

Costs For Optional Add-On Coverage

During our mock order for coverage in Chicago, we found that American Home Warranty is also transparent in its charges for optional add-ons.

Optional Add-OnMonthly Payment OptionAnnual Payment Option
Preferred Upgrade$10.42$125
Pool and Spa$15.42$185
Premium Pool and Spa$28.75$345
Jetted Bathtub$10.42$125
Clothes Washer and Dryer$7.08$85
Water Softener$7.08$85

While you can choose to pay for coverage through monthly payments or in a lump sum, keep in mind that policies are purchased in 12-month intervals.

Coverage Caps 

After analyzing the coverage caps offered by America’s Preferred Home Warranty, we found its allowances to be substantial. Per its sample agreement, the group states that it covers up to $25,000 per 12-month contract. However, this substantial protection is spread out among the equipment it covers, which ranges between $500 to $2,250 for specific major appliances and systems. 

How to Get a Quote

Customers who want to know more about America’s Preferred Home Warranty can request a free quote by filling out the company form. During the process, one must disclose if the home warranty plans are part of a real estate transaction or if you currently own a home. 

If you would rather speak about home warranty protection over the phone, then you can call 888-351-3681. When you have questions about the policy, this can be a beneficial avenue to provide peace of mind regarding what you are buying. 

How to Make a Claim

When agreeing to terms from home warranty companies, you must understand how to file a claim. Policyholders of America’s Preferred Home Warranty coverage are asked to begin the claim process online, by signing into their Account Center. Consequently, we found the next steps customers take to be straightforward.

  1. After receiving a claim number, you may then call a licensed contractor of your choice to diagnose the problem. 
  2. When the technician is onsite, you must call 800-648-5006 for approval before any work is performed. 
  3. Once an America’s Preferred Home Warranty customer service representative reviews the claim, they will decide if the issue is covered under warranty, and if approved, will set up payment. 

It’s essential to note that if the claim is denied, you are still financially responsible for the service fee and the expense. Because the home repair is performed before this point, it can be somewhat stressful to wait for approval. As a result, we recommend reading your plan documents closely. 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Reviews

Customers can gain an inside look into a home warranty company by reviewing the comments left by current policyholders about their experience. When researching feedback regarding America’s Preferred Home Warranty, we found numerous clients praising its customer service and some who weren’t as impressed. 

“America’s Preferred Home Warranty has been a lifesaver for us. We are able to choose our own contractor. The customer service reps are always available and have been extremely friendly and helpful. This gives us a sense of peace in case something goes wrong. I will definitely be renewing my policy with America’s Preferred Warranty.”

-McDaniel, 5 stars, BBB

“If I could give them zero stars, I would…I was told they could only reimburse me $350 of a $1700 job. You might as well not have a home warranty dealing with them. I do believe that having a homeowners warranty is important if you aren’t trying or can’t afford to take a hard hit to the pockets, so what’s the point if you have to take a hard hit anyway?! I wouldn’t purchase another warranty from them for a dog house!”

-Christian W., 1 star, BBB 

Our Assessment

After reviewing home warranty plans offered by America’s Preferred Home Warranty, we found the group to be an efficient provider. However, our research team also discovered where the company could improve. Moreover, we found where other home warranty companies provide more substantial service. 


  • The lowest available service fee of $50 is below the industry average. 
  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty offers a straightforward and simplistic approach when offering protection plans. 


  • The process of choosing your own contractor can cause delays if the technician is unauthorized by the company. 
  • Package prices under the highest available service fee are still relatively expensive when compared to others in the industry. 

We feel that the disadvantages found in an America’s Preferred Home Warranty are significant, and lead us to ultimately recommend a different provider.

Our Preferred Provider: American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a highly trusted name in the home warranty industry, having served consumers since 1971. Therefore, Today’s Homeowner recommends this company for both the breadth of its comprehensive plans and its customizable options. 

American Home Shield breaks its coverage down by the ShieldSilver Plan, ShieldGold Plan, and ShieldPlatinum Plan. The ShieldPlatinum Plan covers everything the ShieldGold Plan covers, increases coverage limits on appliances, and adds roof-leak coverage. Overall, there are 23 systems and appliances American Home Shield can cover. 

Moreover, there are many other pros of American Home Shield:

  • 30-day workmanship guarantee
  • Oldest in the business
  • Coverage in all states but Alaska
  • Answers customer service requests within 24 hours 98% of the time
  • Flexible service fee
  • BBB-accredited

In short, we recommend getting price quotes to compare your options. Above all, your home is an investment, and it deserves to be protected.

Home Warranty Rating Methodology

To help you find the best home warranty, our reviews team researched numerous home warranty companies, analyzing their coverage plans, pricing and customer service, among other factors:

  • Coverage: Home warranty companies that provide extensive coverage and protect important systems and appliances, including your air conditioning, refrigerator and heating, scored higher than companies with minimal coverage.
  • Plan variety: A provider with more coverage plans allows for more flexibility among customers. In general, most home warranty companies provide an appliances-only plan, systems-only plan and combination plan.
  • Pricing: We scored providers based on their monthly plan prices and service call fees compared to the industry average pricing. Companies with more affordable coverage received more points than companies with more expensive plans.
  • State availability: Where you live will determine what companies are available in your area. Home warranty companies that covered more states received more points than companies with a limited state availability.
  • Trustworthiness: There are some home warranty companies that are scams and don’t follow through on their service agreements. We rated companies based on their years of experience, ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.

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