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Gen Z Bucks Moving Trends by Heading to Major Cities as Other Generations Leave

The research team at Today's Homeowner analyzed Census Bureau data to better understand where people are moving to, where they’re moving from, and how each generation's moving patterns differ.

The Construction Industry Has a Smaller Pay Gap vs. the National Average. So Why...

Ahead of Women’s History Month and Women in Construction Week, Today’s Homeowner examined gender diversity in the construction industry and some of the challenges that continue to face women.

Affordable Housing Crisis Signaled by Nearly Half of the Country Spending Too Much on...

As housing costs continue to rise, the research team at Today’s Homeowner examined recent data to better understand how mortgage payments compare to incomes across the country.

There Are More Million-Dollar Homes in the U.S. Than Ever Before. But Can Americans...

In fact, a growing share of U.S. homes is passing the million-dollar mark. Over the past five years, the number of million-dollar homes has nearly doubled. Today’s Homeowner took a closer look at the high-end housing market in the U.S.
Kitchen with gas stove and range hood.

New Study Shows Potential Impact of Gas Stove Regulations by State

Today's Homeowner analyzed data on household gas and electric cooking appliances in each state to determine the impact of the proposed policy solutions.

How Is Inflation Affecting Homeowners’ Improvement Plans for 2023?

How are homeowners reacting to home improvement price surges? Our survey of 3,700 Americans reveals how inflation is affecting their home improvement plans.

Are Black Americans Being Locked Out of the American Dream of Homeownership?

Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, that dream of equality remains far from realized for too many Black Americans. And, according to the latest data, aspects of that dream are actually more elusive than it was during King’s historic March on Washington.
Adjusting programmable thermostat.

Despite Energy Price Concerns, Many Are Prioritizing Comfort Over Costs

Cold temperatures and higher energy bills have many taking a second look at their thermostats this year. We ran a survey to get a feel for how Americans are weathering this winter.

Cinch Home Services Review (Costs, Coverage & Ratings in 2023)

Cinch Home Services (CHS), which was founded in 1978 as Cross Country Home Services, is one of the longest-standing home warranty companies in the business. Today, Cinch Home Services has an impressive...