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Looking for a smile that sparkles brighter than the sun? Say hello to HOME SMILE! As a leading provider of home storage and decoration products, HOME SMILE truly knows how to boost the cozy factor of your living space. As a leading brand in the industry, HOME SMILE strives to make life easier and simpler for its customers. From aesthetic ring holders to minimalist oyster trays, HOME SMILE’s designs are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

HOME SMILE believes that storage doesn’t have to be boring, and its mission is to enhance your living experience through simple yet stylish designs. So whether you’re a minimalist searching for chic storage options or a lover of all things whimsical, their range has got something to add that extra sparkle to your home.

From chic jewelry trays to space-saving organizers, HOME SMILE has a wide range of products that are perfect for any home or lifestyle. With their commitment to quality and functionality, they’ve become the go-to brand for home storage and decoration. Say goodbye to the hassle of going from store to store and say hello to the home of your dreams with HOME SMILE.


This innovative brand specializes in creating beautiful and practical products that will help you keep your space organized and clutter-free. But HOME SMILE isn’t just about functionality-it’s also about design. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, these storage solutions are sure to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. So whether you need a nightstand organizer or a stylish bookshelf accessory, HOMESMILE has got you covered. And if you’re looking for a gift for someone special, HOME SMILE’s products are sure to impress. Whether it’s for your dad on Father’s Day or your best friend’s wedding, a HOME SMILE product is a thoughtful and meaningful way to say “I love you.“

HOME SMILE is a brand that’s passionate about enhancing your life with simple yet elegant designs for the home. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your mom, HOME SMILE has got you covered. Their trinket dishes are special and perfect; each one is hand-crafted with love and care. It’ll be a beautiful way to tell your mom how much you care about her, and the fine quality of the dish will ensure it lasts as long as your love for her.

HOME SMILE’s team understands the importance of a happy home; hence they put in immense effort to ensure that all products fulfill the highest quality and safety standards. The brand has something for everyone — from ceramic trays to oyster dishes and ring holders.

Our Review of HOME SMILE

If you’re looking for something to spruce up your home decor and storage, look no further than HOME SMILE. Read on to take an insider look at a few of their top-performing products and what differentiates them.

HOME SMILE Ceramic Ring Dish

Looking for a gift to make your Mom’s day extra special? Look no further than the HOME SMILE Ceramic Ring Dish! This ceramic ring dish jewelry tray is not only made from top-quality glazed ceramic, but it’s also packaged in a stylish gift box, making it the perfect present for your one-of-a-kind Mom.

But it’s not just about the beautiful craftsmanship of this jewelry tray – it’s also about the heartfelt message it carries. With the words “Remember I Love You Mom“ imprinted on it, your Mom will be reminded every day of how much she means to you. Measuring 3.9³L x 3.9³W x 0.6H, it’s the perfect size to add a decorative touch to any room in the house or to place by the sink or nightstand to keep her favorite jewelry safe and sound.

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, this unique and thoughtful gift will show your Mom just how much she’s appreciated. And at under $20, you won’t have to break the bank to make her day extra special.

HOME SMILE Makeup Brush Holder

Say goodbye to your cluttered drawers and hello to a tidy and organized vanity table with the HOME SMILE Makeup Brush Holder. With its three perfectly sized slots, you can easily organize your brushes, liners, glosses, and other makeup essentials, making your morning routine a breeze.

And not only is this holder convenient, but it’s also stylish and fun. Each slot has a cute picture on it, making it easy to quickly grab the exact brush or tool you need without any confusion. Measuring 7.87″ x 2.75″ x 3.14″, it’s the perfect size to fit all your makeup essentials without taking up too much space.

But it’s not just a great tool for personal use – it also makes a fantastic gift for the beauty lover in your life. Its sleek design and practical function make it a thoughtful and useful present for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Thanksgiving day, or Christmas.

HOME SMILE Ceramic Aloe Ring Holder

If you’re tired of your jewelry getting tangled up in a drawer or lost in the abyss of your purse, it’s time to invest in the HOME SMILE Ceramic Aloe Ring Holder. This stunning piece not only keeps your favorite rings organized and easily accessible but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room in your home.

Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, the leaf-shaped design of this holder is both stylish and functional, allowing you to store a variety of jewelry types in one place. And with its convenient white dish, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your smaller accessories again.

But this holder isn’t just functional – it’s also a beautiful piece of decor. Its elegant design and timeless appeal make it the perfect addition to any room, whether you choose to display it on your dresser, coffee table, or bookshelf.

HOME SMILE Boho Wall Decor

Looking for a special way to show your dad how much you care? Look no further than the HOME SMILE Boho Wall Decor. This unique and beautiful wall art is sure to make any dad feel loved, appreciated, and like the “Best Dad Ever.“

Crafted from ceramic minimal rainbow shape lines, with added nature raffia macrame accents and a wooden hanger, this wall decor is both stunning and durable. At 11.5³ x 4.8³ x 0.25³, it’s the perfect size for any living or workspace. The package even includes both a screw and adhesive hooks for easy mounting options.

HOME SMILE Leaf Trinket Decorative Dish

The HOME SMILE Leaf Trinket Decorative Dish is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and attractive way to keep their jewelry organized. The small size, at 4.3³ x 3.2³ x 0.8³, makes it convenient enough to fit in any room or space. On the other hand, the stylish and modern design adds a touch of elegance to it.

The dish itself is made with great-quality glazed ceramic, which adds to its visual appeal. It also comes well-packed with styrofoam and a white box, making it a great option as an engagement or wedding gift or even as a birthday present.

HOME SMILE Elephant Ring Holder

Made from top-quality glazed ceramic, the HOME SMILE Elephant Ring Holder is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The elephant’s long trunk provides the perfect place to store your rings, and its small size means it can be placed anywhere in your home for easy access. So, whether it’s for a birthday, engagement, or wedding, this Elephant Ring Holder is sure to be a hit!

HOME SMILE Reviews from Customers

Home Smile has garnered quite the buzz among its satisfied customers for its exceptional home improvement and storage line. Upon visiting the brand’s page, it is evident that the ceramic jewelry dishes are a real crowd-pleaser. Customers have been raving about the practicality and elegance of these dishes, claiming that they are just the right size to temporarily place jewelry while doing chores or washing hands. They are impressed by the material, as it feels like porcelain or ceramic, and the edges are beautifully adorned with a knitting effect.

Customers have even taken to purchasing multiple dishes for use in different areas of their homes, with one particularly enamored reviewer selecting the “love“ dish for regular use in the kitchen. With ample space to place rings, bracelets, and other items, customers have praised the HOME SMILE ceramic jewelry dishes’ functionality while maintaining a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

Reviewers claim that the ceramic is well-made, sturdy, and lightweight. However, they do note that it can break if not handled with care. The versatility of the dishes has also impressed customers, who have used them for various purposes, including as a jewelry holder, decor item, spoon rest, and small soap dish.

Homeowners have talked positively about their Leaf Trinket Decorative Dish in particular, citing its durability and versatility as key selling points. One customer gifted the dish to a newly engaged friend, highlighting its suitability for plant and garden lovers. The customer praised its size and sturdiness, noting that it did not feel flimsy or thin. Another customer claimed to store all of their earrings on the dish and lauded its functionality.

Upon visiting the HOME SMILE brand’s page, it becomes clear that customers are impressed by the aloe ring dish. According to reviews, many customers claim that the dish is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Another customer was pleasantly surprised by the size of the dish and the detailing on the bottom. In addition, customers appreciate the packaging, which was designed to prevent any damage to the product during shipment. Overall, the HOME SMILE aloe ring dish receives positive reviews from customers who find it to be a well-made, functional, and stylish addition to their homes.

Customers are also quite satisfied with the Mandala Ring Holder. This product has captured their attention due to its undeniable beauty and functionality. According to customers on the brand’s page, the green color has truly set off the holder’s intricate design, making it a standout piece in any room.

Users are also impressed by the holder’s functionality, as it provides a safe spot for jewelry during food prep. In addition to being visually appealing, the holder’s glossy polish makes it easy to clean and maintain. The reviews show that the Mandala ring holder from HOME SMILE is an exceptional product that satisfies both form and function without breaking the bank.

One customer mentioned purchasing the holder for their daughter, who had a habit of leaving her jewelry on the bathroom sink. The customer found the ring holder to be a great solution to this problem and highlighted its pretty design and compact size. According to the customer, the holder is both light and durable, making it a practical choice for daily use.

After visiting the brand’s page, numerous customers have been raving about HOME SMILE’s Makeup Brush Holder. They claim that the holder is aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it has face, eyes, and lips labeled on the 3 compartments that make up the box.

Customers have been impressed by the holder’s weight of 2 pounds, confidently stating that it can easily hold up to 18 makeup brushes in the face and eye slots. Those with only one lip brush have found that using the lips compartment to store liners and tall lipstick items is a great use for the extra space.



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In addition to its sturdy structure, customers appreciate the artwork on the holder, describing the drawings as cute and aesthetically pleasing. The holder also proves to be practical, boasting ample room to hold many brushes, with some customers even utilizing the lip section for other types of brushes.

  • The Leaf Trinket set is a stunning addition to any room, made from glazed ceramic that is both durable and high-quality. When ordering, it comes carefully packed with styrofoam and a crisp white box to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.
  • The Oyster Shell Ring is a unique and eye-catching piece, perfect for anyone who loves to make a statement with their jewelry.
  • The plaque comes with a black wood easel that has gold latches, providing secure and solid support for the tile. This feature ensures that your gift will be long-lasting and cherished for years to come.
  • Additionally, the backing board on their plaques makes it easy for you to write messages for your loved ones, which is a daily reminder of how much you appreciate them.
  • Their ceramic plaques are carefully designed with refined details, such as natural-looking broken edges that give them a unique charm.
  • HOME SMILE’s makeup brush organizer is every beauty lover’s dream, featuring an assortment of slots designed to give you flawless organization every time.
  • Need a place to store your rings? Their ceramic ring dish holder is both practical and beautiful, making it an essential addition to any bedside table or dresser.
  • For those special moments, HOME SMILE’s “I do“ ring dish is the perfect way to keep your wedding bands safe and secure before your big day.
  • With so many amazing products to choose from, it’s no wonder that HOME SMILE has become a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their home décor and style.

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Are you tired of losing your cherished belongings endlessly? Choose HOME SMILE – the innovative storage solution that will save you time and money. But how can you keep track of their latest updates and offerings? Even though the brand doesn’t have a website, following them on Amazon is an easy and perfect solution! By tapping “follow“ on their Amazon page, you’ll always stay in the loop. From helpful product updates to special deals and discounts, following HOME SMILE on Amazon is the perfect way to stay informed and up-to-date.

Where to Buy HOME SMILE?

Transforming your home into a functional and attractive space requires more than a few clever design ideas. You need storage solutions that are efficient, durable, and stylish, all in one package. Fortunately, HOME SMILE has got you covered. They offer a range of home storage solutions that replicate your unique style and address your unique storage needs. And the best part? You can buy them right off HOME SMILE’s Amazon page. This means that you can get your hands on these products quickly and easily without the hassle of going to a brick-and-mortar store.

HOME SMILE Shipping and Return Policy


HOME SMILE’s shipping policy utilizes Amazon’s system, offering a variety of options to fit every customer’s needs. Want to save a bit of extra cash? The standard option is for you, with free shipping that only takes 3-7 business days. Craving a speedy delivery? Opt for expedited shipping, with 2-5 day delivery at a low cost, varying by item size and weight. And for those who simply cannot wait, priority shipping is available with delivery as soon as 1-4 business days. With options like these, HOME SMILE’s shipping policy will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Return Policy

HOME SMILE has a return policy that is as flexible as you could wish. The brand partners with Amazon to offer a return system that’s fast, easy, and flexible. Customers can head to “Your Orders“ on Amazon and select the item they want to send back. Customers can specify why they’re returning the product. They can also specify whether they want a full refund or a replacement. Perhaps the best part of the policy is that customers can print return labels and authorization details at home. HOME SMILE’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy retailer is enhanced by this hassle-free return method.


Q: What are the benefits of HOME SMILE’s ceramic jewelry tray?

A: Imagine never having to search for your favorite pair of earrings again. HOME SMILE’s ceramic jewelry tray has made that dream a reality. Not only is this tray stylish and beautifully designed with floral patterns, but it also keeps all your jewelry in one place. Plus, its ceramic material ensures durability and longevity, making it a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your personal space.

Q: What makes HOME SMILE unique?

A: Looking for a brand that understands your need for practicality without sacrificing style? HOME SMILE is a unique company that brings innovative design solutions to your home storage game. With their eye-catching products, HOME SMILE proves that functionality can be beautiful, too. Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your kitchen organized or a chic solution for your bathroom clutter, HOME SMILE has just what you need. Their mission to enhance your life through simple, elegant designs is evident in every product they offer.

Q: What is special about HOME SMILE’s Leaf Trinket Dish?

A: Made with high-quality glazed ceramic and carefully packaged with styrofoam in a charming white box, the Leaf Trinket Dish is perfect for adding cheer and charm to any room in your home. But it’s not just pretty to look at — it’s practical, too!

Q: What are the features of the HOME SMILE Oyster Shell Ring Dish?

A: The HOME SMILE Oyster Shell Ring Dish boasts a beautiful oyster shell shape with a silver rim, perfect for those who want a touch of the Mediterranean in their home. The gold trim adds an air of sophistication while keeping it grounded in nature. This ring dish is a versatile addition to any dresser, perfect for collecting small trinkets, earrings, pins, and brooches. The design and refined details are second to none, ensuring quality and style. Packaged in a stunning white box, it’s the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

Q: What makes the I Do Ceramic Dish by HOME SMILE a great engagement gift?

A: The I Do Ceramic Dish by HOME SMILE packs a big punch with its simple yet beautiful graffiti lines and gold rim. But it’s not just pretty to look at – it’s also incredibly practical. Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic with handmade knit edges and packaged in a white box, this trinket dish is the perfect size for keeping rings safe and organized. And with a tray below, it’s also a great spot for storing bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry.

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