Home Repair Basics

Here’s how we tackled those issues:

Broken Doorbell

As is often the case, the problem with this doorbell was simply a broken button. Because the button is subject to weather the contacts often corrode or simply wear out. These systems operate on low voltage so testing is easy. Remove the button and touch the two wires from its back together. If the bell rings, all you need is a new button. In this case we’re replacing it with a new video doorbell system from NuTone called Knock.

Drywall Repair

The drywall damage here consists of two nickle sized holes created by the door knob and deadbolt. They’re too big to just fill with Spackle so we’re applying drywall joint compound, followed by drywall tape and more joint compound. For larger holes you may want to consider using a repair that’s often called a “Hot Patch.” Watch Repair Door Knob Hole in Drywall for details.


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