Home Maintenance Costs You Can Expect, State by State

The Least Expensive ZIP Codes

The least expensive U.S. zip codes to live in

Some ZIP codes are below the national average in routine home maintenance projects and repairs. The chart above explores the least expensive ZIP codes in every state.

Here’s a list with the least expensive areas nationwide for home maintenance costs:

  • Hutsonville, Illinois ($12,600)
  • Destin, Florida ($12,599)
  • Scooba, Mississippi ($12,579)
  • Sanderson, Texas ($12,581)
  • Thayne, Wyoming ($12,583)

Calculating the Difference

Percentage difference of home maintenance costs

Homebuyers should be aware of where they want to live because the inflated cost of living in certain cities can make the home maintenance cost more expensive than others.

There’s no doubt that California and New York are the most expensive states to live anywhere in the U.S.

Still, the most significant difference between the costliest for maintaining a home and the least expensive was in another region: Illinois.

Chicago ranks toward the top five list when it comes to costly metropolitan areas, but cities like Kenilworth helped push the cost of home maintenance.

States with the smallest percentages between cities with the most expensive housing upkeep and the least costly were Hawaii, Louisiana, Idaho, and Rhode Island.


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