Home Maintenance Costs You Can Expect, State by State

Least and Most Expensive ZIP Codes

Home maintenance costs by U.S. city

Don’t worry if your state was among the most expensive for the average cost of maintaining a home. Specific neighborhoods or ZIP codes could be so high that they’re skewing the state’s average.

Neighborhoods like Kenilworth, Illinois — located around 20 miles north of downtown Chicago — have a median cost of $1.5 million per house. Because of this, the cost of home maintenance is also high: $27,661 every year. If you thought your pool filters were expensive, think again!

Other cities with high maintenance costs include Atherton and Los Angeles in California, Greenvale, and Pound Ridge in New York. Each of these cities has an average maintenance cost of $26,000 and over.

There is a vast difference from other cities and states like Marfa in Texas or Niceville in Florida, where the average annual maintenance fees are roughly $12,600.

The Costs of Routine Upkeep

Average frequency of routine home upkeep costs

A lot of money goes into a home, but where exactly? Every year, home maintenance work changes, but this infographic might help you to plan the costs.

Adding a swimming pool to your home is great if you have the money. Ideally, your pool would be cleaned every two months, but an average of $105 per job is no small commitment.

If you have a garden, you might want to keep it in great shape, so mowing your lawn is a task you will continuously be doing, and that will cost you under $20 per session, but if you decide to hire a team to maintain it the cost could be higher.

Almost twice a tear, you will need to have your yard fertilized ($13 per job) and aerate your lawn ($27 per job)

Some maintenance tasks have a different frequency. For example, replacing your pool filter will cost an average of $1,786, but you will only need to do it once every two to three years. And replacing your home water filter system will likely cost you $600, but that only happens every 3.2 years.


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