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Smooth drywall corner bead

How to Repair Damaged Drywall Corner Bead

Outside corners on walls take a lot of abuse. Watch this video to learn how to replace damaged drywall corner bead.
DIY pole sander made from a standard sponge mop.

Turn a Sponge Mop Into a Drywall Pole Sander

A pole sander is the perfect tool to use when sanding drywall joints. Watch this video to find out how to make a pole sander from a sponge mop.
Using foam backer rod to fill a wide crack before caulking.

How to Caulk Wide Cracks

While caulk alone can be applied to narrow cracks, gaps wider than 1/4” should be filled with foam backer rod first. Watch this video to find out how.
filling crack in drywall

How to Fill Cracks in Drywall

The easiest way to fill cracks in drywall is to use a pastry bag with a 1/8” diameter hole in the tip. Use joint compound, rather than caulk, to patch a crack in drywall, since it can be sanded smooth with the surface to make the crack disappear.
Drilling a hole in tile through masking tape.

How to Drill a Hole in Tile

When attempting to drill into ceramic tile, the glazed surface of the tile can cause the drill bit to wander. Watch this video for a simple tip that can allow you to drill into tile cleanly.
Using a cold chisel and hammer to remove a ceramic tile.

How to Remove a Bathroom Wall Tile

Watch this video to find out how to remove an existing ceramic tile using a nail set, carbide tipped masonry drill bit, hammer, and cold chisel.

How to Cut Drywall Around Outlet Boxes

It’s easy to make a mistake when measuring and marking the location of electrical outlets on drywall. Watch this video to find out how to do it the right way.
Applying joint compound to hardware cloth patch in drywall.

Repairing a Hole in Drywall with Hardware Cloth

Watch this video for an easy way to patch a hole in drywall using a piece of hardware cloth, a pencil, and joint compound.
Danny Lipford and Joe Truini installing paneling on wall.

How to Hide Seams When Installing Paneling

Watch this video for a tip on how to keep drywall from showing through the seams between sheets of paneling when installing paneling in a room.