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Overseeding Zoysia Grass: How-To Guide with Easy Steps

Here's why zoysia grass grows patchy, how to overseed your zoysia lawn, and how to get the best-looking results and maintain them.
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford and wife Sharon tend to a raised garden bed in Alabama.

10 Gardening Tools You’ll Need for Professional Results

These gardening tools are essential for your safety, comfort and productivity. With them, you'll work more efficiently and effectively and get pro results.
Baking soda pouring into soil mix

A Simple Way to Test Your Soil’s pH Value

Knowing your soil's pH value is necessary to keep your plants and grass thriving. Watch this video to learn how to easily test it.
Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellant best new product episode 1010

Thermacell Patio Shield Keeps Mosquitoes 15 Feet Away

Mosquitoes can make you quickly retreat indoors. Thermacell's Mosquito Repellant will allow you to enjoy backyard life without bugs.
Zevo Instant Action Spray

Zevo Ant, Roach and Spider Spray Keeps Pests Away

Insects are extra-busy during warm weather. Zevo Instant Action Aerosol Ant, Roach and Spider Spray uses a bio-selective formula that keeps pests away.
Pouring water into a funnel for a DIY drip irrigation system

DIY Drip Irrigation: The Easy Way to Water Plants

Make a DIY drip irrigation system for a fraction of the cost of a commercial system. Watch Joe Truini's one-minute how-to video!
Mini greenhouse in Joe Truini's backyard

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse from a Soda Bottle

Creating a mini greenhouse is the perfect way to balance spring planting with Mother Nature's harsh temperatures. Watch this video to learn how to make one!
Jodi Marks and Dan Levin with Flex-Drain Pro Drain Pipe

This Flexible Pipe is Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers

Landscape drainage work is not for the faint of heart, but this flexible pipe makes the job much easier. Watch Jodi Marks' review to learn more!
Marigolds and other eco-friendly plants in a lush green backyard

6 Tips to Make Your Backyard Eco-Friendly

Making your backyard eco-friendly will save you water, electricity, money and time. Here are ways to make your yard beautiful and environmentally friendly.