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Blue iris flowers in bloom

June Lawn & Garden To-Do List

June marks the official start of summer and is a great month for working in your garden and lawn. Most parts of the country are green and teeming with birds, butterflies, and flowers; but the heat and summer drought haven't taken hold.
Bulbs emerging through snow covered ground

February Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Did you tackle everything on the February Lawn and Garden To-Do List?
Fall leaves in a wheelbarrow after being raked.

November Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Fall gardening is an exercise in delayed gratification – new plants barely put down roots before going dormant, and amended beds won't show their gratitude until spring. Read on to find out how to clean up, organize, and take stock of your yard during November.

March Lawn & Garden To-Do List

March marks the arrival of spring, but depending on where you live, freezing weather can persist well past the official start of spring. Read more to find out how to get your lawn and garden ready for the upcoming growing season.

October Lawn & Garden To-Do List

In October, gardeners have a color show unequaled in any other season. While many summer annuals are still blooming, trees begin their yearly show of fall color, and fall-blooming perennials explode into bloom.
Hands with garden gloves holding mulch

March Gardening Checklist

Clean up from Winter Clean up any garden beds left to winter over. Cut back browned-out ornamental grasses and foliage of perennial flowers that you didn’t remove in fall. Some...
Weeds growing from a residential lawn

How to Control Aggressive Plants in Your Yard

Aggressive plants can take over even the most meticulous garden. Read this article to find out how to control or eliminate aggressive plants in your yard.
Camellias under tree

Growing Camellias in Full Sun

Camellias do best in partial shade, but there are some steps you can take to improve your chances of success when growing them in full sun. Read on to find out more.

How to Divide and Transplant Perennials

If you grow perennials in your garden, you'll soon encounter the need to divide and transplant them. Read on to find out how to successfully divide and transplant your garden perennials.