Top 10 Lawn & Garden Gift Ideas for 2011

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There’s nothing like a lawn or garden gift to cheer up the gardener on your Christmas or birthday shopping list. With gift ideas ranging from rain barrels to designer tools, you’re sure to find something to please everyone on your list.

Lawn & Garden Gifts Under $20

Worth Gardening Hand Tools

Designer Gardening Hand ToolsA high-quality set of gardening hand tools make digging in the dirt a breeze! For the gardener with a fine sense of style, check out these designer options from Worth Garden Products. Made from rust-resistant cast aluminum with soft-grip handles, these mirror-polished garden tools combine the best of beauty, ergonomics, and heavy-duty function. They’re perfect individually, or as part of a gift basket.

Available at garden centers or online at for under $19.

Personalized Daylilies

Daylily bloomingWith over 35,000 named varieties of daylilies available, it’s easy to choose a thoughtful, personalized gift for the plant collector in your life! Perhaps a variety of daylily that shares the name of a child or grandchild, or one whose name expresses something you love about the recipient. A quick search of my own family names revealed daylily cultivars called ‘Julie,’ ‘Matthew,’ and even ‘Baby Girl’!

The American Hemerocallis Society has a terrific Daylily Data Base at for looking up cultivars, as well as a Daylily Source List for local retailers and online sources.

Garden Planting Markers

Assorted Garden Planting MarkersHelp a gardener remember what’s where with a set of cute garden stakes like these from Grasslands Road. Available at most garden shops, garden planting markers come in a variety of materials, from metal to copper to ceramic, with many different styles to choose from. In addition to creative pre-labeled stakes, you can also find blank markers that are perfect for personalized, custom labeling. These make great gifts on their own or as accompaniments to seeds or plants.

Available at garden center or online from for $6 each or $20 for four.

Lawn & Garden Gifts Under $50

Jellybean Door Mats

Door matsHelp your gardener liven up the gray winter months with a colorful rug from the Home Comfort Jellybean Collection. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors for any season, these rugs are sure to brighten up any home or landscape. In addition to being colorful and pretty, Jellybean rugs are machine washable, fade and weather resistant, and made of 30% recycled materials. For both indoor and outdoor use.

Available at garden centers or online from for under $35.


LiteStik Plant Lighting SupplementHelp off-season gardeners bring life to dark corners of their home with the LiteStik. These individual, plug-in, LED lights supplement the light indoor plants receive, allowing you to grow plants in darker rooms and during the dim winter months. Simply plug in the AC power supply, and insert the LiteStik stake into the plant’s soil. The eco-friendly LED bulbs automatically come on when light levels are low.

Available at garden centers or online at for under $30.


PotLifterHelp a gardener or do-it-yourselfer share the load with PotLifter. This handy gizmo straps around heavy planters, stones, stumps, bales and bags, or just about anything that needs moving. Then, simply grab a partner, grasp the handles, and lift the object safely and easily without straining your back. With a 200-lb. capacity, 7-foot circumference, and lifetime guarantee, the PotLifter is sure to handle most any job around the home or garden.

Available at garden centers or online at for under $30.

Hampton Bay LED Solar Rope Light

Hampton Bay LED Rope Light around umbrellaThe Hampton Bay Solar Rope Light is a great way to add accent lighting to a porch, patio, or garden path without the hassle of cords or batteries. Each 16-foot-long strand contains over 50 energy-efficient, LED bulbs that create a soft glow to light your way. Since the rope light is solar powered, no wiring is required, making it a cinch to install. The light comes with a 6-foot power cord, wall bracket, ground stake, solar charging panel, battery, and mounting clips. Check out our Best New Products video to find out more.

Available at The Home Depot for under $25.

Lawn & Garden Gifts Over $50

Echo Pro Attachment Lawn Tools

Echo Pro Attachment Lawn ToolsFor the lawn and garden enthusiast in need of outdoor power tools, check out the Pro Attachment Series from Echo. One universal, gas-powered engine is used to power a variety of interchangeable attachments – including a string trimmer, edger, hedge clipper, blower, and tiller/cultivator – to give you years of future holiday gift ideas! And with a five-year warranty, these tools offer professional performance in an affordable, reliable package. Check out our Best New Products video to find out more.

Power units available at The Home Depot from $180, accessories $65 and up.

Portable Greenhouse or Cold Frame Kits

SpringHouse portable greenhouseNow any gardener can plant and grow year-round with a Flowerhouse portable greenhouse kit from the International Greenhouse Company. Whether you’re starting seedlings or overwintering tender plants, these easy to assemble greenhouses and cold frames offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any garden project or budget. Since they’re UV resistant, waterproof, and portable; Flowerhouse greenhouse kits offer what gardeners want most: a longer growing season!

Available online from the International Greenhouse Company at from $58 and up.

Fiskars Tuscany Rain Barrel

Fiskars Tuscany Rain BarrelHelp make your lawn or garden more water-wise with a rain barrel from Fiskars. These 57-gallon rain barrels attach to a gutter downspout to collect rainwater, which can then be reused on your lawn or garden by attaching a garden hose to the spigot at the base of the barrel. And with its sleek faux-stone design, the Fiskars Tuscany Rain Barrel fits easily and unobtrusively into any landscape. Check out Best New Products video to find out more.

Available at The Home Depot for under $100.

More Gardening and Tool Gift Ideas


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