GreenFiber Cellulose Insulation

Not only can additional insulation reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable, but GreenFiber cellulose insulation is made from 85% recycled material and uses 10% less energy to make. It can be blown or damp sprayed into walls, floors, and attics. The natural fibers are treated with a nontoxic chemical for flame resistance and are guaranteed for the life of your home. GreenFiber insulation is available at The Home Depot stores.


  1. Older home built in 1972, walls need to be insullated. I don’t want to tear down the sheetrock, as there isn’t anything wrong with it. Suggestions? Jan

    • Jan,
      If the exterior isn’t brick, you can use a hole saw to remove plugs in the siding into each stud cavity, blow insulation in, and caulk the plugs back in place. This option usually works best when you plan to cover over the existing siding with vinyl or some other material to hide the plugs.

  2. I have to insulate my attic over the existing and very old blown in fiberglass. I am reeling from the various “facts” of cellulose vs. fiberglass. Which is the best? Is there really a fire hazard from cellulose?

  3. i have to insulate my attic but i have about r-8.0 that is settled and i would like to put it up to r-50 .i would like to know how much more blow in insulation i need ,and how thick we need to put on top of the old blow in

  4. Can u blow the green fiber they sell at homedepot in your walls without ordering a diffrent kind specifically for walls and if you can, can you spay it in regular or do u have to wet it down?

  5. Using GreenFiber cellulose insulation in our build was a disaster.
    Dirty, dusty particulates get everywhere and is impossible to control. It gets in your lungs, eyes, skin. Everywhere. This post-consumer waste product traps moisture which likely is why they put BORIC ACID (Poison) in it to control mold spores. We removed it and it was painful. The walls were still wet and they were open on one side. When walls are enclosed it makes a perfect setting for mold and rats. Oh wait… there’s another reason for the boric acid. I’ve had respiratory problems ever since it went in. #Greenfiberinsulationneveragain


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