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This Foam Sealant is the Solution for Drafty Windows 

Drafty windows and doors drive up energy bills and make your home less comfortable. Eliminate the air leaks with Loctite's Tite Foam Window and Door Insulating Spray Foam Sealant.

Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | December 10, 2022

This week, hear how to replace two small windows with a large one and learn why cold weather can make propane less effective.
Caulking a gap in the doorway outside a home with Titebond DuraMaster sealant

How to Seal Windows, Doors and Trim

Temperature changes cause every home to expand, contract and crack. Sealing gaps around your home’s windows, doors and trim is necessary to keep the elements outside, where they belong.
Storm Panel

Hurricane Storm Shutters for Your Home

To protect your home from hurricane damage, install storm shutters or panels. Learn about all your options here.
Attaching window latch to window sash.

Tip to Reduce Air Leaks Between Window Sash

Watch this video to find out how to tighten up rattling window sash to keep cold air out in winter and in during summer to lower both your heating and cooling bills.

Shutters Can Be More than Just Decoration

More than just decoration, shutters have been gracing the exterior of homes for centuries. Nowadays most folks install them to add curb appeal to their home, yet with Hurricane Season 2010 in full swing, having operable shutters may be just the ticket if you find you’re in the path of these strong and damaging storms. Read on to find out how installing shutters can protect your home.
plastic storm panels

Plastic Storm Panels for Your Home

High winds from hurricanes and severe storms can cause broken windows, allowing extensive damage to the interior of your home. While covering windows with plywood is the least expensive option, polypropylene plastic storm panels weigh much less and allow light into the home. Watch this video to learn more about how plastic storm panels can protect your home.
Cleaning small window panes with a custom modified squeegee.

How to Make a Custom Squeegee for Cleaning Small Window Panes

Watch this video to find out how to modify a standard rubber squeegees for use cleaning smaller sized window panes.