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Ask Danny | Ep. 24: All About Whole-House Generator Installations

Hear the perks of having a whole-house generator from Rick True, president of Batchelor's Service in Mobile, Ala., and expert in whole-house generator installation.

Sustainable Living: 5 Changes You Can Make Now at Home

Living sustainably doesn't require a drastic change in your lifestyle. Here are five simple things you can do right now in your home.
importance generator preparing home weather

Importance of a Generator in Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather

If you live in a hurricane prone area, it’s important to make emergency preparations long before a storm is on the horizon. This includes stockpiling food and water, storm shutters or plywood to cover windows, tarps to protect damaged roofs, and a generator to provide backup power.
Using a Portable Generator with Power Tools

Using a Portable Generator with Power Tools

Portable generators offer many advantages in remote outdoor situations, especially if there’s work to be done. They can power everything from tools to lights to music. With this much versatility, portable generators are must have item for the serious home improvement DIYer.
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Advantages of an Automatic Standby Generator

With a Generac standby generator, you can relax knowing that your home and family are protected, even when you're not there. A standby generator constantly monitors the utility so when the power goes out, the generator starts itself, and delivers power to your home within seconds.Watch this video to find out more.
Automatic Standby Generator Diagram

How an Automatic Standby Generator Works

The installation of an automatic standby generator maintains security and comfort for your home in the event of a power outage. An automatic standby generator system monitors incoming voltage from the utility line. When the utility power is interrupted, the generator automatically goes to work. Watch this video to find out more.
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Difference Between Standby and Portable Generators

When the power to your home fails, a standby generator goes to work automatically, then shuts itself off when the utility power resumes. With a portable generator, you have to move it outside, find the gas can and extension cords, fill the gas tank, run the cords through the house, and manually start the generator.
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Residential and Commercial Portable Generators

There are some important differences between portable generators designed for residential and commercial use.Watch this video to find out more. Residential generators are usually used to provide emergency backup power for select appliances within a home while portable generators for commercial use are often used on a jobsite when electricity isn't available.

How to Setup and Maintain a Portable Generator

It's important to know how to setup and maintain your portable generator, including filling crankcase with oil, filling fuel tank, and running the generator for 10 minutes or so every 2 to 3 months. Watch this video to find out more.