Critter Control: How to Keep Animals Off Your Lawn

Want to learn how to keep unwanted animals off your lawn or out of your garden and trash? If so, join landscape designer Doug Scott for products and scare tactics that’ll keep deer, raccoons, rabbits or squirrels from wreaking havoc on your outdoor living spaces.

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    • Hi, Cheryl,
      Try installing a fence; you’ll need to install it more than 18 inches into the ground to prevent the rascals from burrowing underneath it and into your yard.
      Good luck!

  1. how do i keep chipmunks out of our rock walls?
    They are always moving in and the rocks are starting to get loose!

  2. What I would like to know is how to repel feral cars and pet cats irresponsible owners let run loose. Poison is not an option because of small children in the neighborhood. Noise makers and flashing lights are prohibited, as are guns or other lethal solutions (despite feral and free range pets fitting the definition of vermin). A dog is also not an option because dogs are not permitted outdoors unattended or unleashed (besides, I’m too old to be a responsible pet owner anymore).

    I’m not a cat hater (I have friends with indoor pet cats that I adore) but the ones running loose in the neighborhood create property damage, stink up the area with their waste, leave their paw prints all over my vehicle, and wake me up at night when they fight.

    • Hi, Jeannie,
      There’s a simple solution to your feral cat problem: humane traps!
      First, check local wildlife ordinances and make sure this is an option.
      Then, set traps according to their directions. Once caught, you’ll be able to release the cats miles away!
      Another option is to report the problem to animal control officers.
      Many cities have staff members just waiting for that call.
      Good luck!


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