10 Home Improvements You Must Tackle This Spring

The 4 Seasons of Home Ownership is a curated collection of how-to videos, articles and tips to keep your home running smoothly throughout the year. Each season’s list includes 10 “must do” items, as well as some additional projects to take on as time and budget allow or if you want to do a little something extra.

Read the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership: Spring episode article to see how we helped a family tackle some springtime chores. Check out Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior for Spring for more info.

Or, read on for our top 10 spring chores list — and be sure to click each link for more information!

Spring Checklist

Top 10 Must Do

HVAC professional checking air conditioner

1. Have a professional service your A/C and heating systems

Spring leaves in gutters

2. ‘Spring clean’ all rain gutters and downspouts; make repairs, if necessary

Damaged window screen

3. Clean and repair window screens. Clean tracks and lubricate.

Man hammering a nail into an asphalt shingle on the roof

4. Check for loose or damaged roof shingles or flashing. Repair, if needed.

Dull garden tools that need sharpening

5. Sharpen spring gardening tools and inspect your wheelbarrow.

clothes dryer lint

6. Clean lint from the clothes dryer’s exhaust pipe.

Paddle ceiling fan

7. Reverse ceiling fans to counterclockwise direction to blow air down.

Garage door, inside view

8. Lubricate all exterior hinges, gates, garage door tracks and locks.

Danny Lipford removing leaves and other debris from a roof

9. Clear away all leaves and debris from the AC condenser unit.

Spring gardening near brick home

10. Prepare all flowerbeds and plants.

More Spring Chores (If Time and Budget Allow)

Black mailbox with 6093 number on it.

A Little Something Extra

Tackle these chores and your home will be in ship-shape this spring!



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