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A constant in home ownership is that there will always be things to fix, replace, or improve around the home. Whether that’s upgrading an appliance, buying and installing a new appliance, remodeling a room, or adding to an outdoor area, there’s always a home improvement project to tackle.

With that in mind, we surveyed homeowners in the United States asking them about the home improvement projects they completed in 2019 and the ones they have planned for 2020. Additionally, we asked about who they plan to do the work on the project — themselves, family, friends, or a paid contractor or handyman. Read on to see our full findings.

Home Improvement Projects Completed In 2019

Not much a surprise that the most common home improvement completed in 2019 was painting at 19.3% of all homeowners. It’s simple enough to do, generally less expensive, and can greatly improve the look (and value) of a room or piece of furniture. Interestingly, 10% of respondents said they did flooring renovations. Appliance replacements (8%) and plumbing (7.4%) were next. Only 2.6% of respondents said they didn’t complete any home improvement projects last year.

Projects Americans Aim to Complete in 2020

Additionally, we asked about projects American homeowners plan to complete in 2020. The two most common answers were painting (14.72%) and flooring (13.23%). Those matched the top two projects completed in 2019, meaning there’s always work to be done when it comes to those two categories. Surprisingly, a bathroom remodel was the third most common home improvement planned for 2020 — typically it’s one of the more expensive projects to take on. New kitchen counters (6.23%) and appliance replacement (6.14%) were third and fourth, respectively.

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The Highest Priority Home Improvement Projects in 2020

After asking about all of the projects homeowners are planning, we asked them which was their highest priority. Painting (13.4%) and flooring (13.3%) were again the top two choices. Additionally, bathroom remodel (11%) held its spot at number three. Appliance replacement just beat out kitchen counters by a fraction of a point for the fourth spot on the highest priority projects.

Who Will Do the Work on Priority Projects?

We also asked homeowners who would be doing their most desired home improvement projects. What we found is that most people are going to rely on themselves or family members. Over half of respondents, nearly 55%, said that is who would be doing the work.

However, just over 40% said they would be paying a professional to do the work, either a contractor or a handyman.

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Who Will do the Work by Home Improvement Project

Because the work required for home improvement projects can vary so significantly, we wanted to dig deeper into who Americans are planning to do the specific projects. The above table takes the results from the question, “Who Will Do the Work on Your Priority Project?” and parses the data by the project.

What we found is that generally, people are going to hire someone for more difficult jobs such as HVAC or plumbing — that’s not much of a surprise. However, when it comes to remodeling and improving rooms, it varies. It seems Americans want to do the work on their kitchens, but leave the bathroom to the contractor.

Similarly, outdoor projects are split as well. Americans want to build their own decks and patios but leave gutters and landscaping to the pros. In another study showcasing DIY outdoor projects, many homeowners in sunny states want to liven their backyard with some DIY improvements. In Texas, California, and Georgia, homeowners will do their own landscaping and grass work. DIY gardens were the most popular projects in nine states including Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Homes will always need some repair, whether that’s a minor fix or a major project. Our survey asked homeowners in the United States about the project they completed in 2019 as well as the ones they’re planning for 2020. If you’re planning home improvement projects this year, check out some of our guides and how-tos.

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We surveyed 873 homeowners across the United States asking them questions about home improvement projects they completed in 2019 and projects they are planning in 2020. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. We estimate the margin of error at 3%.

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