Regarding consumer appliances and electronics brands, Samsung is a familiar household name. The company boasted over $224 billion in sales revenue in the past year. Samsung sells everything from cell phones that attempt to dethrone the market-dominating Apple iPhone to a full lineup of home appliances with smart features.

Any time you buy an expensive electronic device—like a new TV or a digitally enhanced clothes dryer—it’s a combination of excitement and fear. Due to the relatively delicate nature of our electronic products, many consumers are concerned about the reliability of the product’s warranty. If you own a Samsung product or are considering purchasing one, read our guide to learn more about what kind of protection a Samsung warranty offers.

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Our Preferred Home Warranty Alternatives

Today’s Homeowner recommends a few home warranty companies to our readers. Below, you’ll see our latest suggestions and their money-saving deals. You can also read our review of the companies with similar home warranty plans to learn more about these top picks.

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Why Home Warranties Are the Best Coverage Option for Samsung Appliances

While a Samsung manufacturer’s warranty is great if you receive an appliance with defective parts, they generally only last 1–5 years and don’t cover normal wear and tear of products. Another option for protecting your major home appliances is to purchase a home warranty contract from a third-party company specializing in home appliance insurance.

A home warranty is different than homeowner’s insurance. It is a service contract that provides a protection plan for major home systems and appliances. Home warranties do not cover televisions or small electronics like your cell phone. Depending on your contract, they cover appliances like ovens, heating and cooling unitsdishwashers, and more.

Advantages of Home Warranty Coverage vs. Samsung Appliance Coverage

Common reasons to choose a home warranty over your standard Samsung warranty or extended protection plan include:

  • Multiple appliances—Home warranties cover multiple appliances, so you only need one contract for most appliances in your home. A Samsung warranty only covers one product, so you’ll need separate warranties.
  • No brand restrictions—With a home warranty, you aren’t limited to coverage for one brand. With a manufacturer’s warranty, companies will cover only their brand.
  • Longer coverage—You can choose to renew your home warranty for as long as you like, unlike a manufacturer’s warranty, which expires after the warranty period and can’t be renewed.
  • Coverage for normal use—Unlike a Samsung warranty, a home warranty provides repair and replacement service for covered items, even if the damage is due to normal wear and tear. You will, however, still need to maintain and clean your appliances properly, or the home warranty company could deny your claim.
  • Getting repairs—A home warranty makes it simple to get the repairs you need. You must file a claim, and the home warranty company will send a technician to help. With a manufacturer’s warranty, there is a lengthy process of submitting your warranty request and a waiting period while the manufacturer decides if the claim is valid. Then, you have to wait for a Samsung service technician to be available to come to fix your appliance.

How Does Home Warranty Appliance Coverage Work?

The following video from American Home Shield discusses how full home warranty coverage can save you hundreds on costly repairs and replacements for your Samsung appliances.

Top Home Warranty Providers for Samsung Appliances

Today’s Homeowner reviews the best home warranty companies and checks for these qualities in providers for you. Read our best home warranty review and compare plans for yourself. View the table below to see how these top-rated providers stack up in terms of coverage, cost, and ratings.


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What Does Samsung’s Manufacturer Appliance Warranty Cover?

To get the most accurate Samsung warranty data across several product types, we chose five of their top-selling and top-rated products. Samsung warranty information and additional protection plans will be based on these models. Our product choices include cell phones, tablets, and home appliances.

ProductSamsung Warranty PeriodWhat’s Covered?What’s Not Covered?
Galaxy S9+ Cell PhoneWarranty coverage starts immediately after purchase for up to 1 year for the device, battery, and other accessories.Defects in materials and workmanship when used properly during the warranty period.The warranty does not cover damages due to abuse, cosmetic damage, defects due to third-party accessories, defects due to improper modifications (to hardware and software), purchase or use of products outside of the US, and normal wear and tear.
Galaxy Tab S3 TabletThe tablet warranty is for one year after purchase for the device, battery, and other accessories.The tablet warranty covers defective parts and materials and improper workmanship of the products.The warranty will not cover damages due to abusive use, scratches or dents, damage caused by third-party accessories or chargers, damages caused by modifications, products purchased or used outside of the US, or normal wear and tear.
FlexWash Washing MachineParts and labor are covered for one year, and the stainless steel tub replacement is offered for three years. The washing DD motor part is covered for ten years.Washer parts are covered if they are found defective in the normal, proper use of the machine.The machine is not covered if used outside the US or commercially. The warranty is also void if the machine is found to be abused or used improperly. Normal wear and tear of parts are not covered.
OvenThe warranty period is one year following the purchase to cover parts and labor.Any parts that are found to be defective will be replaced or repaired during the warranty period.Improper electrical wiring, gas hookup, or other improper installation that results in damage is not covered. The warranty doesn’t cover ovens damaged due to normal wear and tear or abuse.
RefrigeratorThe warranty covers one year for parts and labor, five years for a sealed refrigeration system (compressor, etc.), five years of labor, and ten years of parts for the digital inverter compressor.Samsung will repair or replace parts that are found to be defective in the warranty period, whether due to workmanship or defective materials.The warranty does not cover commercial use or use outside of the US. Additionally, it does not cover normal wear and tear or damage due to improper installation. Damages during shipment and delivery are also not covered.

Does Samsung Offer An Extended Warranty?

The extended warranties offered by manufacturers are service contracts, which provide protection at an additional price. Samsung offers a variety of extended protection plans in addition to their manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re considering purchasing an extended protection plan through Samsung, remember that it is an additional cost and only covers a single item. In some cases, as with major home appliances, it might make more sense to purchase a home warranty that covers multiple items instead.

What Is the Average Repair Cost of Samsung Appliances?

Since a home warranty is an additional cost, you might wonder if it’s worth the price. The best home warranties are an affordable monthly payment and require a small service fee when a claim is made. Generally, home warranty premiums are $25–$67 per month, and service fees are roughly $75–$125 per claim. You may be able to save on home warranty costs by paying for an annual plan, and reputable home warranty companies allow you to cancel your contract if you decide it’s no longer needed.

When considering whether a home warranty is right for your family, think about the possible repair costs of your major appliances. Appliances break down over time, so if you have several appliances that are no longer covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, a home warranty can help ease the cost of imminent repairs. For Samsung products, we looked at the average cost to repair an appliance and the cost of common replacement parts.*

ProductCost to RepairReplacement Parts
Washing Machine$310Water heating element: $81.89
Water level pressure switch- $35.89
Oven$150Burner valve: $39.20
Ignitor: $97.95
Refrigerator$310Evaporator fan motor: $57.60
Fridge auger motor- $175.25

Samsung Warranty Product Registration

Although by consumer law, you are not required to register a product to receive warranty benefits, there may be some benefits to registering a Samsung product. You can easily register your product online through Samsung by creating an account and inputting your product information. Registering a product includes notices on recalls or important product information. You may also be eligible for certain exclusive deals on new products.

However, when you register a product using the warranty card, you give the manufacturer data they might use for marketing purposes. Some warranty cards ask for extra details, such as health or family history, which Chris Hoofnagle of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, told, “If you do send one in, fill out your name and address, and that’s it. Don’t fill out the part on whether or not you have bladder control problems.”

What Should You Look for in a Home Warranty Provider for Samsung Appliance Coverage?

Before signing a warranty contract, take the time to find out important information about your potential provider. When looking for a home warranty company, verify your provider has these features:

  • Efficient appliance repairs—Appliances have a habit of breaking when we need them most. You need a warranty company that provides quick service to get your appliance up and running again.
  • Coverage for all major appliances—Choose a home warranty company that covers the appliances you rely on most.
  • Friendly local professionals—You want to feel confident that the service providers entering your home are trustworthy and experienced. Make sure your warranty company works with local, trained professionals to service your appliances.
  • Affordable service calls—Home warranties are supposed to save you money on expensive appliance repairs. A warranty that has expensive service call fees may not be saving you much money in the long run.
  • Top-rated company—Take the time to research top-rated home warranty companies. You want to work with a company that has great customer feedback.

Choice Home Warranty: Our Recommended Provider for Samsung Appliance Warranty Coverage

The Today’s Homeowner reviews team has spent a lot of time evaluating many different home warranty providers. Our research leads us to consider Choice Home Warranty as our recommended pick for home warranty plans. They offer home protection plans starting at around $1 a day with coverage of many different home appliances.

When choosing a home warranty company, you want to know that the company has your best interest in mind. Our research has led us to believe that Choice Home Warranty provides great value and exceptional service. Our favorite things about Choice Home Warranty include:

  • Local technicians—Not only will Choice Home Warranty send a local expert to your home for appliance repairs, but they also take the time to screen technicians. That way, you can have to look for a qualified professional yourself.
  • Comprehensive—Between the home warranty plan options and additional coverage options, Choice Home Warranty gives you the ability to customize a comprehensive service contract that’s perfect for your home’s Samsung appliances.
  • Price leader—Plans from Choice Home Warranty start at $29 per month, and service fees may be as little as $35.

Read the complete Choice Home Warranty review for more details.

Give Choice Home Warranty a call at 929-400-6164 or fill out this form to get a free quote on a home warranty for your Samsung products.

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