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May 5, 2023

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    The Kenmore brand originally appeared on a sewing machine all the way back in 1913. Over a hundred years later, the brand is well-recognized for its large offering of home appliances. According to Kenmore, approximately 1 in 3 American homes have a Kenmore appliance. With so many families owning Kenmore appliances, you likely have one in your home.

    What happens if your Kenmore appliance doesn’t function properly? A broken appliance such as a washer or refrigerator puts a major strain on your family as dirty clothes and spoiled food pile up. Your appliance probably came with a warranty from the manufacturer, but you might be wondering if there are more efficient ways to protect your appliances.

    We’ve put together this guide to help you understand more about your Kenmore appliance warranty to continue keeping your household running smoothly. In this article, you’ll find the most popular Kenmore products and most common repairs. Plus, get a better understanding of how Sears bankruptcy affects your Kenmore warranty.

    We’ve also included alternative protection options for your appliances with information on home warranties.

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    Kenmore and Sears

    The Kenmore brand is sold exclusively through Sears retail stores. The brand has been a large part of Sears’s major appliance sales for over 75 years. As the Sears house brand of appliances, Kenmore and the department store are closely linked together.

    In October of 2018, Sears officially filed for bankruptcy. The financial issues of Sears raise a lot of questions for the Kenmore brand. In an effort to combat the bankruptcy and keep Kenmore and other brands relevant, Sears completed licensing agreements with new manufacturers for certain Kenmore products. Kenmore continues to be considered a top-rated brand despite the uncertainties of the Sears bankruptcy.

    What is covered in a Kenmore appliance warranty?

    Kenmore appliance warranties provide different coverage depending on the appliance. However, often these only offer coverage for defects in materials or workmanship. That means if a part breaks and the product is not considered defective, you would be required to pay for the replacement part and installation costs.

    Below are some of the different coverages offered by a Kenmore appliance warranty for different types of appliances.

    • Dishwasher—Rust on the steel tub or the brackets of the dish racks are generally covered, however, worn out parts from normal use are not.
    • Refrigerator—Only defective parts from workmanship are covered if the machine is installed and maintained correctly.
    • Washer—Only defective parts or from workmanship are covered when the machine is installed correctly and maintained properly.

    Generally, Kenmore warranties last for one year following the purchase date of the appliance. Each model may have some differences, of course, so you will want to look up your particular appliance warranty to double check. Additionally, to take advantage of a Kenmore appliance warranty, you will need to provide your proof of purchase and purchase date.

    Kenmore dishwasher warranties may have a longer coverage period for defective parts than other appliances, such as:

    • One year—Kenmore will replace or repair defective parts at no cost to you, including parts and labor.
    • Two years—Replacement parts are supplied at no cost, but the appliance owner is required to cover the cost of installation.
    • Five years—The upper and lower dish racks are covered against rust.
    • Life of the appliance—The stainless-steel tub and inner door of the dishwasher are covered against leaks due to rusting that goes through the metal. This type of warranty is not transferable, but the rest are.

    Top-selling Kenmore appliances and products

    Kenmore sells a wide range of home appliances and is often awarded top ratings by consumers. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular Kenmore appliances by category.

    Kenmore refrigerators

    Refrigerators from Kenmore come in most popular styles like French door and side-by-side. In recent years, Kenmore refrigerators have included smart features to sync with smartphones, tablets, and more.

    Fridge Model NumberTop Features
    Kenmore 51763 24.8 cu. ft. Side-by-SideOne of Kenmore’s best-selling models, this side-by-side refrigerator features an external LED control panel for temperature and more.
    Kenmore Elite 72483 29.9 cu. ft. 4-Door Bottom-FreezerThe biggest feature of this fridge is the external chilling drawer for quick access to snacks, drinks, and more. The chilling drawer can be adjusted to temperatures ideal for deli snacks or chilled wine.

    Kenmore laundry appliances

    Kenmore features several laundry appliances, such as washers and dryers.

    Laundry Appliance Model NumberTop Features
    Kenmore Elite 41073 5.2 cu. ft. Front-Load WasherThis washing machine has over 9 cycle options and includes a steam cleaning setting.
    Kenmore 81122 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with Wrinkle GuardThe Wrinkle Guard gives clothes an extra toss once the normal drying cycle has ended to reduce wrinkling.

    Kenmore dishwashers

    The dishwasher selection from Kenmore includes built-in and portable appliances.

    Dishwasher Model NumberTop Features
    Kenmore Elite 12793 DishwasherThis highly-rated dishwasher is credited with being Kenmore’s quietest.
    Kenmore 13229 24” Built-In DishwasherThis model features an internal heater to help dry dishes once they’re done washing.

    Common Kenmore appliance repair costs

    It’s normal for appliances to wear out over time. Even with proper maintenance and cleaning, your refrigerator or washing machine could break from a failed part. The cost to repair your Kenmore appliances can quickly add up.

    Many families choose to purchase several new appliances at once, whether they’re remodeling their kitchen or want a new washer and dryer set. This leads to even more chance that you’ll have multiple appliances break down at once. Check out how much some common Kenmore appliance parts and replacements might cost, according to Sears.

    Appliance TypeCommon IssuesKenmore Replacement Parts Cost*Average Cost of General Repair
    RefrigeratorBuzzing or humming noises from a broken compressor.Refrigerator Compressor (Part TCA36411701) – $327.11$200–$300
    WasherWashing machine overflows or doesn’t shut off the water.Water-Level Pressure Switch (Part W10339317) – $115.40$200–$265
    OvenOven doesn’t heat up or doesn’t reach correct temperature.Range Broil Element (Part 318255807) – $209.40$230–$320

    *Parts prices accurate as of January 2019.

    If your appliance is fairly new, you might be able to have some parts replaced using your manufacturer’s warranty.

    What is warranty registration?

    Warranty registration is the process of registering your new appliance with the manufacturer. Your Kenmore appliance probably came with a small card that contains a link to an online form to register the product. By registering your Kenmore appliance, you will be notified if there is a manufacturer recall or other major issue with the product.

    Although some manufacturers may imply that you need to register your product to receive warranty benefits, you should only need your proof of purchase to use your warranty.

    How can I get more information about my Kenmore appliance warranty?

    You can get Kenmore appliance warranty details and learn more about registering your Kenmore appliance by calling Kenmore’s customer care line at 844.553.6667. The customer service team should be able to answer your specific questions about the manufacturer’s warranty included with your Kenmore appliance.

    Is warranty registration different than Kenmore Protection Plans?

    Kenmore also offers an extended appliance warranty known as a Kenmore Protection Plan. This is an additional protection plan for your new appliance. Kenmore Protection Plans are available individually for each Kenmore appliance you own. You must pay for the added benefits of the Kenmore extended warranty.

    With the recent bankruptcy filing from Sears Holdings, many customers have started to wonder if this will affect their warranties or extended protection plans. According to a question and answer document sent out by Sears, they will continue to honor warranties and protection plans as normal. Additionally, the document states that customers can purchase new service agreements and extended warranties if they like.

    Some bankruptcy professionals, however, are less optimistic about the continued fulfillment of Kenmore appliance warranties. Speaking to Business Insider, bankruptcy lawyer Corali Lopez-Castro says, “The warranties are going to be a huge issue. There’s a real risk they won’t be honored.”

    Should I buy an appliance from Sears?

    For the time being, Sears plans to uphold Kenmore appliance warranties. However, with the uncertain future of the retail store, you might be wondering if it’s still a good idea to purchase a new appliance there. Henry Sommer, president of the National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center, mentions in a Consumer Reports article that there is always a risk of buying a product from a bankrupt company. If a new owner takes over the company, they can choose to not uphold previous warranty agreements.

    However, if you find a good deal on a Kenmore appliance warranty from Sears there are other ways to protect your investment. At Today’s Homeowner, we recommend using a home warranty to cover not only your new appliance purchase but your existing appliances as well.

    Home warranties: Additional protection for your Kenmore appliance

    A home warranty, sometimes called home appliance insurance, is a service contract that provides coverage for certain appliances in your home. Most home warranty plans include major appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, and stovetops. Unlike a manufacturer’s warranty, a home warranty protects multiple appliances in your home.

    You can use a home warranty to help keep your Kenmore appliances running even if Sears goes out of business. In the worst-case scenario where a Sears Kenmore appliance warranty is no longer valid, your home warranty protection plan offers a safety net. In addition, your appliances will not lose coverage after only a year of coverage. As long as you keep them properly maintained and pay for a home warranty plan, your appliances are likely covered for repairs or replacements.

    How do home warranties work?

    home warranty gives your appliances and major home systems protection against the wear and tear of normal use. Home warranties are not homeowner’s insurance. Where homeowner’s insurance covers major damage to your home from things like fire or theft, a home warranty plan covers some of the costs to replace or repair appliances as they break down over time.

    Home warranties are contracts for a specified length of time, usually 12 months, that can be renewed when the contract is up. If you have an appliance break down and it qualifies for repair or replacement under your home warranty service contract, you usually pay a small service fee to have your appliance fixed. Top-rated home warranty companies, such as Today’s Homeowner’s pick for home warranties, Choice Home Warranty, even take the time to source local, expert service companies to repair your appliances.

    How do I get a Kenmore appliance fixed with a home warranty?

    1. Step One—File a claim with your home warranty company. Remember that a home warranty covers the normal wear and tear of your appliances and home systems. Much like Kenmore’s manufacturer warranty, your claim can be denied by the home warranty company if your appliance was not installed correctly or not maintained properly.
    2. Step Two—If approved, your home warranty company will send out a service technician to either repair or replace the broken appliance. Each warranty company will have different policies on how they choose which service provider to use and whether they will provide a repair or replacement.
    3. Step Three—Pay a small service fee. Service fees generally range from $75–$125 and include parts and labor. This can save you significant money when compared to replacing a part on an appliance that is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, if your washing machine breaks and the repair estimate is $250 to fix it—or several hundred more to replace it completely—a home warranty could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.
    4. Step Four—Check your coverage limits and policies. Each warranty company has different coverage limits and policies regarding repair and replacement of appliances. Many home warranty companies only replace appliances with comparable units. So, if you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a bigger washer and dryer or are set on the color scheme, remember that you won’t be able to make those choices if they are replaced by your home warranty.

    Benefits of a home warranty plan vs. Kenmore appliance warranty

    There are many benefits to choosing a home warranty over relying on your standard Kenmore appliance warranty. The chart below lists the best reasons to choose a home warranty to protect your expensive appliances.

    Problem or WorryHome Warranty PlanKenmore Appliance Warranty
    I have different brands of appliances.A home warranty will service all brands of appliance. As a third party, they’re not restricted to working only on specific brands.Kenmore warranties are limited to Kenmore products.
    I have multiple appliances that I want to protect.Home warranties provide protection for almost all of your appliances in one contract. Each contract will only repair or replace covered items.A Kenmore appliance warranty only covers one specific appliance.
    I’m worried about the Sears bankruptcy.As a third party, your home warranty company will not be affected by the Sears bankruptcy.If Sears is closed or sold to new owners, there is a chance that your Kenmore warranty is invalid and your appliance will be unprotected.
    My appliance is too old for standard warranty benefits.If you properly installed your appliances, maintain and clean them regularly, and continue to pay for your service contract, your home warranty should repair or replace covered items.After the initial manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to obtain more coverage with an expensive extended warranty plan that continues to only cover defective parts.
    I might sell my home in the near future.Home warranty plans can be transferred from the seller to the buyer.Kenmore appliance warranties cannot be transferred between buyer and seller when the house sells.

    At Today’s Homeowner, we’ve spent a lot of time going over actual customer reviews and policies of home warranty companies to review the many options available. We’ve chosen Choice Home Warranty as our top pick for home warranty providers. You can check out our in-depth review of Choice Home Warranty home warranty company to see what factors went into our choice.

    Some of our favorite things about Choice Home Warranty include:

    • Price leader—Choice Home Warranty offers affordable service contracts with plans starting at about $1 a day.
    • Trusted local technicians—Because Choice Home Warranty screens and chooses local service technicians for you, you know your Kenmore appliances will be serviced by an expert without dealing with the hassle of vetting them yourself.**
    • 24/7 availability—No matter when you need a repair, Choice Home Warranty is available to help you keep your household running with service representatives on call 24/7.

    Choice Home Warranty has several home protection plans, so you can find the best combination of value and service for your Kenmore appliances. We’ve outlined what is covered in each plan, as well as the additional options available to you.

    Covered Items*Total PlanBasic Plan
    Air conditioning systemX
    Heating systemXX
    Electrical systemXX
    Plumbing systemXX
    Plumbing stoppageXX
    Water heaterXX
    Whirlpool bathtubXX
    Built-in microwaveXX
    Garbage disposalXX
    Clothes washerX
    Clothes dryerX
    Garage door openerXX
    Ceiling and exhaust fansXX

    To keep your home warranty simple, you can add optional coverages to your plan. This gives you the ability to customize your home warranty to meet the needs of your home. Optional covered appliances and home systems include:

    • Pool/spa
    • Central vacuum
    • Second refrigerator
    • Well pump
    • Limited roof leak
    • Standalone freezer
    • Sump pump
    • Septic system
    • Septic tank pumping

    You can learn more about Choice Home Warranty and get a free quote by filling out a quote request form or giving them a call at 929-400-6164.

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