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April 27, 2023

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    Elevate Home Warranty is a home warranty company that offers services exclusively in Utah and provides peace of mind when a major system or appliance unexpectedly fails. The company has a variety of home warranty packages with customizable add-on options, making its services convenient for most consumers regardless of their coverage needs. Between their flexible warranty plans and competitive rates, Elevate Home Warranty is a great home warranty option for Utah homeowners.

    Keep reading to learn more about Elevate Home Warranty plans, pricing, and customer reviews, and determine if Elevate is the best home warranty for you.

    Compare the advantages and disadvantages of signing up for an Elevate Home Warranty plan:

    Pros and Cons


    • Easy to customize plans
    • Offers an online chat for customer support
    • Provides multiple plan options


    • Only available in Utah
    • Has limited optional coverage add-ons

    Elevate Plans and Coverage

    Elevate Home Warranty has several home warranty plans to choose from that range from minimalistic to comprehensive. This gives you the flexibility to choose which plan works best for you. Before signing up for a plan, read your home warranty company’s terms and conditions to make sure you understand what items and components are covered and which items aren’t.

    Basic PlanElevated PlanElevated Plus PlanTotally Elevated Plan
    Rekey serviceEverything under the Basic PlanEverything included in the Basic Plan and Elevated PlanEverything included in the Basic Plan, Elevated Plan, and Elevated Plus Plan
    HVAC tune-upsFreon recapture/rechargePrepaid service callClothes washer
    Home security systemWindow air conditioning unitsClothes dryer
    Air conditionerTankless water heater
    FurnaceWater heater failure due to sediment
    Swamp coolerToilet replacement
    Drain line stoppagesShowers heads and arms
    Pipe leaksAngle stop/gate valves
    Toilet bowls, tanks, and mechanismsInterior hose bibs
    Shower and diverter valvesPressure regulator
    Sump pumpFaucets
    Recirculating pumpAttic and whole-house fans
    Instant hot water dispenserSmoke detector
    Whirlpool bath pump and motorKitchen refrigerator ice maker
    Water heaterElevation upgrade
    Electrical system
    Ceiling and exhaust fans
    Central vacuum
    Built-in microwave
    Garbage disposal
    Trash compactor
    Kitchen exhaust fan
    Garage door opener

    Elevate Add-On Coverage Options

    Elevate Home Warranty also allows for customization by letting customers select individual systems or appliances they want to add to their package. Here’s a list of add-on options with pricing:

    • Washer, dryer, and kitchen refrigerator: $125
    • Washer and dryer: $85 per set
    • Built-in or free-standing kitchen refrigerator: $50
    • Additional refrigerator: $35 (up to four units)
    • Septic tank pumping: $75 per tank
    • Septic system: $75 per tank
    • Pool and/or spa equipment: $180
    • Well pump: $100
    • Water softener: $50
    • Elevated pipe leak coverage: $100
    • No-fault upgrade: $50
    • Prepaid service call: $50

    Coverage length

    All Elevate Home Warranty plans last for a year. Once your plan ends, you’ll be able to automatically renew your plan or choose to cancel over the phone with a customer service team member.

    Coverage limits

    Like most home warranty plans, the coverage you’re offered is limited to your appliances breaking down to regular wear and tear. If your appliance breaks down due to user error or lack of maintenance, your repair may not be covered. Also, keep in mind that while Elevate does cover unknown pre-existing conditions, the repair may not be covered if that condition is due to lack of maintenance.

    Elevate Home Warranty Pricing

    The cost of an Elevate Home Warranty plan ranges from $300–$500, depending on the type of coverage you’re looking for and the add ons you choose. Elevate Home Warranty has a service fee of only $59, which is below the industry average of $75–$125.

    Here’s a pricing breakdown of Elevate Home Warranty plans:

    Basic PlanElevated PlanElevated Plus PlanTotally Elevated Plan
    $300 per year$400 per year$450 per year$500 per year

    What to Expect with Elevate Home Warranty

    Signing up for an Elevate Home Warranty is quick and easy. Unlike other home warranty companies, you can purchase your home warranty online with a few clicks. There are several plan options available depending on your home and your home’s needs, and there’s a long list of a la carte add-ons you can choose for the most comprehensive coverage available.

    How to make a service request

    Once you have purchased your home warranty, the same process can be applied when filing for a claim—you can simply go online and fill out a form describing the home appliance breakdown, or you can call Elevate’s 24/7 support line to speak to a home warranty support representative. Once the service request has been made, an Elevate Home Warranty service contractor will come to your home to assess the damage.

    Elevate Home Warranty Reviews

    Elevate Home Warranty has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has only had 12 complaints in the past three years. Eight of those complaints have been closed.

    Here are a few BBB reviews from Elevate Home Warranty customers:

    “Harmony is wonderful to work with through Elevate. She’s always personable and kind and eager to get the problem solved.” — Tracy W.

    “One really nice thing about this home warranty is that all appliances are covered. The technician was professional and the entire visit took perhaps 30 minutes.” — Lin P.

    “I love this company and the customer service they provide; I have 4 homes covered with their warranty and always have a great experience. I have also recommended them to family members and they now have a policy.” — Shauna P.

    Today’s Homeowner recommends other home warranties besides this one. Check out some of our other expert reviews on our top-rated providers to get all the information you need. Remember, each of these companies gives a free quote.

    Our Top-Rated Alternatives to Elevate

    If you’re not sure if Elevate Home Warranty is for you, compare the company to other top-rated home warranty alternatives below:

    Because plan pricing varies based on where you live, the type of plan you choose, and the square footage of your home, we recommend getting a free quote from all three of the above providers.

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