14 Things First-Time Homebuyers Should Inspect | Ep. 45

Home inspector checking windows on the outside of home and making notes on his clipboard.
Every first-time homebuyer should pay special attention to the home inspection. (DepositPhotos)

On this Week’s Podcast:

First-time homebuyers may be excited to purchase their first home. But don’t close before you inspect these 14 things. 

• We help a homeowner who is practically walking on ice. The latest addition to his home lacks any access underneath the house, causing cold air and moisture to be a nightmare. Learn how he can create a way under the home — and what he can do to make the new addition warm and cozy.

A wood-burning stove in the basement produces a lot of heat; however, the heat is trapped inside that single room. Learn how to spread warmth around the house.

• How to sand and paint inside your home without making a mess.

• Joe’s Simple Solution — How to build a shelf for your wheelbarrow.

Question of the Week:

Dan writes, “We put wainscoting (paneling) on the lower 3 feet on half the room but the other half has a baseboard water heater.

“Should we take the cover off and put the wainscoting up or should we start the wainscoting just above the heater?”

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