Heading to New York

We just finished taping one of our Today’s Homeowner shows for our upcoming 10th season. It’s a show we are calling “10 Steps to a Successful Kitchen Renovation”. We filled this show up with all the things you need to consider when remodeling your kitchen. It will air nationally in October.

We also just broke ground on our big addition project call “Today’s Addition” This will be a 2 part episode that will air the later part of September. We will have a live webcam up and running soon.

Hey I’m headed to NY on Monday for a special live segment on The CBS Early Show on Tuesday morning. The segment will be about “Home Irrigation Systems”


  1. Hey Danny, I wrote a while back talking about installing new floors in a kitchen and suddenly when it is time to replace a dishwasher, you cannot even get it out of the space. I have installed over 2500 dishwashers for Sears and that is the biggest problem I run into. I have st least 6 pending jobs in my folder where the customer has to remove the counter top, shim up and replace it to gain AT LEAST 34 inches of clearance. I know some dishwashers will fit into a smaller space but they are either quite cheaply made or very expensive. I could go on and on about this but I’m sure you get my point. Love your show and thanks for the newsletters! Ken


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