Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year, I run back and forth between two of my favorite places – the fireplace and the kitchen. In fact, yesterday I experienced a little taste of heaven, sitting by the fire and sampling a mixing spoon of dark chocolate mousse!

The house begins its month-long parade of good smells – mulling spices, breads, pies, savory herbs – and I look forward to pulling out my pasta machine, a project I savor on cozy winter evenings.

I think it’s very timely that the cold weather is accompanied by a holiday of warmth, coziness and giving thanks. I’m very thankful this year for the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with you through Around the Yard, and I’m thankful for the community of support and knowledge that is growing here.

I have appreciated your comments and insights so much, and I look forward to hearing more from you! Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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