How to Make an Overhead Storage Rack from Downspout

Here’s how to make an overhead storage rack in your garage or workshop to keep small diameter pipe, molding, or strips of wood organized and readily accessible.

How to Make a Downspout Storage Rack

  1. Cut two short pieces of vinyl downspout (5” long or so).
  2. Drill holes in the downspout to provide access for a screwdriver bit.
  3. Attach the two pieces of downspout to the ceiling joists using 1” screws.
  4. Slide the molding, pipe or wood strips into the downspout for storage.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: One of the best ways to store long, narrow pieces of wood and small diameter pipe is to store them overhead so you’re not tripping over them all the time.

The problem is this is what you typically see—the pieces are slipped on top of this ceiling joist where they’re out of the way, but they’re almost impossible to get when you need them.

So here’s a better solution. I took a section of plastic downspout, and I cut two five-inch long sections. And then I screwed them to the underside of the joist. I just used two one-inch long screws to attach them to the ceiling joist.

And now you just take the pieces and slip them into one, slide it all the way down, and then into the second one. Slide it right in. There you go, just like that.

Now, you see, these are spaced about four feet apart, so there’s plenty of support. The pieces don’t sag, and now they’re up, out of the way, but readily accessible.


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