Even the best made gutter guard covers won’t keep all of the leaves, pine needles, and other debris from getting in your gutters; but they can reduce it significantly. Before installing gutter guards on your home, buy several different types and try them out to see which one will work the best on the trees in your yard.

Even the best gutter covers will require you to remove the guards and clean the gutters from time to time, so make sure the ones you choose are easy to install and remove.

Read our article for more information on highest rated gutter guards for pine needles.

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Danny Lipford: Late fall and early winter seems to be the time when most people think about cleaning their gutters. Well, ours are already clean, now we’re trying to figure out a way to keep them looking this way.

Now for a lot of you, that means going out and shopping for some type of gutter cover, like we have here, which really not a bad idea. But you need to be aware that almost none of these solutions will make your gutters completely maintenance free.

Now, most of these systems do a great job blocking out the larger leaves, but even the best ones will usually let some of the small debris still get into the gutters—like twigs or blossoms or maybe some pine needles—so some cleaning will still be necessary.

So which solution is best? Well, it really depends on where you live, and what kind of trees you may have around your home. So do a little experimenting, like we’re doing here, with a few pieces from several different systems, before you invest in enough of it to do your whole house.

Now, there’s a lot of different option out there, and each one has its own little advantages and disadvantages. But by trying out a few of them, it’ll give you an idea of which one works the best in keeping the debris out of your gutters.

And you’ll also see just how easy it is to install it and remove it for the cleaning that will be necessary. That’s very important because even though these things should reduce the number of times you have to clean your gutters each year, they probably won’t eliminate the chore all together.

So choose the one that works best for you, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

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