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May 18, 2023

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    Plastic gutter guards help ensure that your gutters are never clogged, and you will keep water flowing from your roof in the right direction. Some of the best plastic gutter guards on the market are made from plastic material, but it can be challenging to determine which ones are best for your needs. In our review, we will show you:

    • Who makes the best plastic gutter guards
    • What to look for in a plastic gutter guard
    • How much plastic gutter guards cost
    • And much more

    Understanding exactly what plastic gutter guards do and how they can help nearly eliminate gutter cleaning will make this decision a much easier one. Let’s take a look at the best gutter guards available near you.

    Our Top 5 Plastic Gutter Guards

    Our dedicated team of home experts has tested, researched, and reviewed dozens of plastic gutter guards. These five gutter guards came back as the top five options for any homeowner. Each of these plastic gutter guards has unique features, functionality, and pricing.

    1. Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter Guard: Best Overall
    2. Frost King Plastic Gutter Guard: Best On A Budget
    3. Home Intuition Gutter Guard: Best At Reducing Corrosion
    4. Ziqi Plastic Gutter Mesh Guard: Easiest Installation
    5. Home X Gutter Guards: Best For Large Debris

    1) Amerimax Snap-in Filter Gutter Guard

    The Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter guards are our favorite option for plastic gutter guards. When you look into a gutter guard system for your home, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not professional installation is necessary. With these Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter Guards, you will not have to worry about a complicated installation process.

    The plastic gutter guard snaps into place and will work with 4, 5, or 6-inch gutters. The mesh design helps to keep debris out, and the PVC material is designed to last for years. If your gutters are clogging because of leaves, acorns, or pine needs, the Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter Guard can help.

    Key Features

    • Comes in 4, 5, or 6-inch
    • Made from high-quality PVC
    • Snap-in makes for quick installation
    • Will catch fine debris
    • One package will cover 75 feet of gutter

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Amerimax Snap-in Filter gutter guards are some of the most well known plastic gutter guards on the market. Whether you are replacing older gutter guards are installing them for the first time, customers are surprised by the ease of installation. Amazon customers have rated Amerimax with 4.5 out of 5 stars with close to 800 reviews. The Amerimax Home Products business is not BBB accredited, and that can be a downside for some customers.

    Most customers are pleased with the ability of the Amerimax Snap-In Filter gutter guards to keep out things like pine needles and other small debris. The amount of gutter cleaning is significantly reduced with this gutter guard in place. The only issues that we saw were those saying that the gutter guards are made of flimsy type material, and they were worried about overall longevity. The lighter material does help with overall strain on the gutters.

    To see the current pricing of this Amerimax Snap-In gutter guard, look on Amazon.

    2) Frost King VX620 6″x20′ Plastic Gutter Guard

    The Frost King Plastic Gutter Guard is best for those that are looking for gutter protection on a budget. Sometimes a quote for stainless steel micro-mesh gutters can be close to $10,000 for a large home. For some homeowners, this is just not an option, and that is where the Frost King Plastic Gutter Guard comes into play. This plastic mesh gutter guard can be cut to size with a pair of regular scissors, and it will not rust or corrode.

    The mesh style of the Frost King makes these more effective than brush gutter guards or foam gutter guards. The gutter covers come in a small roll, and you simply unroll and attach them to your gutters with ease. The 20-foot sections also make it easier to work with.

    Key Features

    • Resistant to rusting and corrosion
    • Can cut it with regular scissors
    • Easy to unroll and cut to size
    • Installs under the roof shingles
    • Prevents leaves and larger debris from falling into your gutters

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Frost King Plastic Gutter Guards have a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Amazon. This rating is quite high considering there were more than 3,000 people that reviewed the product. The low pricing of the Frost King certainly helps it stand out, and many customers admitted to the fact that this was by far the most cost-effective gutter guard solution for their home.

    Most positives of the Frost King surround the fact that the pricing is so fair and that screen gutter guards do a pretty good job of keeping out large debris. The main issue customers had was the installation. This does not come with fasteners; it simply slides in under your shingles. However, with the way it is sold and rolled up in a ball, it is best to let the gutter guards flatten out for a day or so before you try and install them. If not, there could be issues with them popping out over time.

    To see the current pricing of this Frost King gutter guard, look on Amazon.

    3) Home Intuition Plastic Gutter Guard

    The Home Intuition Plastic Gutter Guards are another reasonably priced gutter protection solution that is relatively easily installed and helps to protect against debris buildup. You will find that the Home Intuition Plastic Gutter Guards are very resistant to rust and corrosion. If installed correctly, even in areas of heavy rain, these will last for years to come.

    With the Home Intuition Plastic Gutter Guards, you can simply cut the gutter to size with a regular pair of scissors and slide it under the first row of shingles. There is no need for a professional installation when working with these plastic gutter guards. The package comes with two 20-foot rolls, so you will get quite a bit of gutter cover for the money.

    Key Features

    • No rusting or deterioration
    • Fair pricing
    • A tight mesh pattern ensures that there are no issues with dirt and debris getting through
    • It should stay in place if installed correctly
    • Works in a variety of climates

    What Customers Are Saying

    With more than 400 ratings, Home Intuition still has a 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The overall reviews of this product are quite good, considering it does not have a lifetime warranty or the heavy-duty durability of the micro mesh gutter guards that have become so popular.

    The negatives related to the Home Intuition gutter guards have to do with the fact that they are not lock-in gutter guards. This product slides under your current shingles as well as a leaf guard, but there could be problems with a roof warranty if you have one. Keep this in mind and always take a look at the details of your roof warranty before installing a product like this.

    To see the current pricing of this Home Intuition gutter guard, look on Amazon.

    4) Ziqi Plastic Mesh Gutter Guards

    The Ziqi Plastic Mesh Gutter Guards are the easiest plastic gutter guards to install. With the Ziqi, you will get 20 fixed hooks that help the top of the gutter guard stay in place. With many of the plastic gutter guard options on the market, this is not a possibility, and the surface tension eventually causes the gutter guards to snap out of place.

    With the polypropylene material that these gutters are made of, they are quite durable, and there is no need to worry about fading or corrosion. The package will come rolled, and you can easily cut the gutters with scissors into a size that works for your home.

    Key Features

    • Very easy to install
    • 20 Fixed hooks included, help with gutter strength
    • Fair pricing per linear foot
    • Can cut with a pair of scissors
    • Very effective against leaves and other large debris

    What Customers Are Saying

    Plastic gutter guards can give homeowners some trouble when it comes to installation. All different types of gutter guards have positives and negatives, and sometimes the lightweight feel of these plastic guards makes them difficult to install. Ziqi created a great solution with the hooks or hangers that they include with each package. Even though there are only 7 reviews on Amazon for this product, the reviews are all 5 stars.

    Customers find that the overall functionality of the Ziqi Plastic Gutter Guards is quite good; it keeps out large debris, and downspouts have no trouble with water flow. For DIY Gutter guards, the easy installation has helped increase positive reviews. As more customers purchase these gutter guards, we may see some issues with the fact that the mesh pattern is not exactly a fine mesh. Some small debris may find its way through, especially in a downpour situation.

    To see the current pricing of this Ziqi Plastic Mesh Gutter Guard, look on Amazon.

    5) Home X Gutter Guards Roll

    The Home X Gutter Guards Roll is the best plastic gutter guard for large debris. If you have new gutters and find they are continually getting clogged with debris, this will be one of your simplest and cheapest solutions. The great thing about Home X is that it will not let leaves, pinecones, or other large debris travel into your home’s gutters. This is not a very fine mesh material, and therefore it is not known for smaller debris protection.

    One of the best features of the Home X Gutter Guard Roll is how easy it is to cut the gutter guard into the proper shape and get it installed on your home. Even if you are not a home improvement expert, working with the Home X is simple and won’t cut your hands or scratch the edge of your gutter.

    Key Features

    • Makes it easy to keep gutters clean
    • Can be cut quickly with scissors
    • Multiple uses aside from gutter guards
    • The very lightweight material is easy to work with
    • Does an excellent job of preventing a blockage from larger debris

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Home X Gutter Guards Roll has a rating of 3.9 out of 5, with about 33 total customers reviewing the product. Certainly, these are not as highly rated as our top pick, but that has a lot to do with the installation produces and the fact that these are not snap-in gutter guards. Overall, people were happy with the ability to keep large debris out and found they are rustproof as well.

    The main issues that homeowners had with the Home X Gutter Guards were the widths being inconsistent and causing trouble during installation. This is a very lightweight gutter guard and will not have nearly the same durability or longevity as a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard. For the price that these are offered, customers need to be realistic about the gutter guard and what it is capable of.

    To see the current pricing of this Home X Plastic Mesh Gutter Guard, look on Amazon.

    Buying Guide for The Highest Rated Plastic Gutter Guards

    Now that you have a better idea as to which plastic gutter guards are the best on the market, it’s time to break down which of these could be the best for your needs. You likely noticed that most of the plastic gutter guards on the market are rather similar in both design and features. Gutter guards have made a strong move toward micro-mesh steel designs, especially for the K Style gutters. More companies are moving towards this style, and that makes the plastic gutter guard selection a bit more limited than it used to be.


    The plastic gutter guards tend to hold up well in areas that see quite a bit of rain. However, when it comes to snow, sleet, and ice, the aluminum gutter guard tends to be a better choice. The problem with the plastic gutter guards is that they sometimes become weak when exposed to these harsh weather conditions. For the higher quality gutter guards, make sure to look for a solution that has a smaller hole size and a bit more thickness to the overall gutter guard. Even though plastic gutter guards are more affordable, it is best to avoid having to replace these year after year.


    Perhaps the best thing about plastic gutter guards is that they are more reasonably priced than any other type of gutter guard on the market. Most of the plastic gutter guards are sold in a large roll that averages between $10 and $20 for a 20-foot section. The guards are then just cut into the proper length section and installed on your home accordingly. Of course, with this cost, there is no 25-year warranty or professional installation like you may see from other gutter guard manufacturers. The plastic gutter guard blends affordability with functionality to create a smart solution for homeowners.


    Another great benefit of the plastic gutter guard is the installation process. Many companies will require a professional installation, and that is not the case with plastic gutter guards. Of course, you will have to have a way to reach your rain gutters, some stability on a ladder, and basic home improvement knowledge to complete this task. Overall the plastic gutter guards are DIY and beginner-friendly. However, we highly recommend letting any gutter guards that come in a roll straighten out before installing. If you do not do this, the gutter guards will continually pop out of place, and this ends up becoming frustrating.


    Most of the plastic gutter guards that you install will be very difficult to see when standing on the ground and looking up at the roof line. The edge of the gutter guard may, however, be visible, and you may want to find something that is a color that matches your home. The Amerimax plastic gutter guards are available in several colors, and getting something that matches your current home is quite important. Overall the plastic gutter guards will not change the overall look of your home all that much, so if a product does not have color options, don’t be discouraged.

    Size Options

    When considering the size options for your plastic gutter guards, you must consider both the width and the length of the gutter guards. Gutter guards are typically sold in 4, 5, or 6-inch widths, and then they are about 20 feet long on average. When you purchase a pack of plastic gutter guards, make sure you see how many total linear feet the gutter guards are. To determine the amount of gutter guard that you will need, ensure that you know the total square footage of your home as well as any areas where there are no gutters or gutter guards are not necessary. Plastic gutter guards are very easy to cut to size, and this makes the measurement process considerably easier.


    Warranty options for plastic gutter guards are difficult to find. This has quite a bit to do with the fact that all of these gutter guards are DIY-friendly and require a homeowner to install themselves. Since the manufacturer cannot witness the way you install the gutter guards and the way they are attached to the home, it isn’t easy to find something with a warranty.

    For a product with an extended warranty or even a lifetime warranty, you would have to look at something like the Leaffilter Gutter Guard. The Leaffilter Gutter Guard is the best option on the market, and it is a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Of course, this all comes at a higher cost than what you will find with the plastic gutter guard choices on the market.

    Compare The Top Plastic Gutter Guards

    ProviderCost*States CoveredUnique features
    Amerimax Snap-In Gutter Guards $50 for 75 feetAll of USDurable PVC Material
    Easy to Install
    Works with several different types of gutters
    Frost King Plastic Gutter Guard$8.99 for 20 FeetAll of USVery low pricing
    Can cut to size
    Will not rust or corrode
    Home Intuition Gutter Guard$16.99 for 40 FeetAll of USWill not corrode
    Stays in place well if installed correctly
    Cut to size with traditional scissors
    Ziqi Plastic Mesh Gutter Guard$15.99 for 20 feetAll of USComes with hooks to make installation easier
    Polypropelene material will not rust
    Stronger hold than other plastic gutter guards
    Home X Gutter Guards$10.91 for 20 feetAll of USGreat for keeping out large leaves and sticks
    Can be used as a fence or barrier for garden
    Mesh design to keep out large debris

    Final Thoughts on The Best Plastic Gutter Guards

    At this point, you should feel as though you have a much better idea as to the benefits of the plastic gutter guards, which plastic gutter guards are the best on the market and the things to consider before purchasing plastic gutter guards. The Amerimax Snap-In Filter Gutter guard is the best plastic gutter guard in the industry. With its long-term durability, fair pricing, and quick installation, you will have a hard time finding a more suitable option for your home.

    Plastic gutter guards, although sometimes effective, are not quite as impressive as something like the LeafFilter gutter guards. The LeafFilter Gutter Guards are a stainless steel mesh gutter guard with a lifetime transferrable warranty. With the LeafFilter guards, you will not have to handle any of the installations, and the process is seamless. Always look into multiple gutter guard options and various pricing before making your final decision.

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    FAQs about Plastic Gutter Guards

    What is the best material for a gutter guard?

    The best material for a gutter guard is a stainless steel micro-mesh. These gutter guards will actually strengthen the gutters that you have in your home. In addition, the stainless steel micro-mesh will last for years to come with no need to be replaced or updated. Plastic gutter guards are great when you are installing them on your own and want a lightweight and easy-to-work with material.


    Do plastic gutter guards work?

    Plastic gutter guards can work quite well for some homeowners, but they must be installed correctly. In addition, things like shingle grit and very small debris will likely fall through the holes of plastic gutter guards, meaning you will have to do some gutter cleaning from time to time. Plastic gutter guards won’t rust, and they will not corrode over time; this helps make them a more desirable option for some homeowners.

    What are the benefits of using gutter guards?

    There are several benefits to using gutter guards, and they can range from minor conveniences to major structural issues. The main benefits of using gutter guards include:

    • Keep large debris from collecting in the gutters
    • Allow for proper water flow through the gutter and the downspout
    • Decreases mold and algae buildup in the gutters
    • Will decrease the chance of rotting and water piling up around the foundation of the home
    • Can increase the strength of the gutters
    • Lower chance of mosquitos collecting and breeding in the gutters
    • Keep pests out of gutters

    Do you need gutter guards for your gutters?

    Gutter guards are an option for your gutters, you do not need to install them, but most homeowners find gutter guards to be beneficial. If you are constantly on a ladder having to remove debris from your gutters then a gutter guard is a great solution. Gutter guards will have an initial investment, but if you choose the suitable material and type of gutter guard, they can last for years to come.

    Do plastic gutter guards work in winter?

    Some homeowners worry about ice dams forming from gutter guards in winter. If you choose the right gutter guards and the gutter guard installation is done properly you should not have this issue. Many homeowners go with a stainless steel mesh gutter guard to avoid issues with ice in the gutter guards.

    Do gutter guards go under shingles?

    The plastic gutter guards typically slide under the last row of shingles. This process is not difficult, but there could be times when there are complications with a roof warranty. If you have a roof warranty in place, make sure you check the specifics of it before installing plastic gutter guards under the shingles. In most instances, it is not an issue.

    How we Ranked, Reviewed, and Tested the Best Gutter Guards

    Here, we’ve broken down our rating methodology for gutter guards. You should know that we’ve taken the utmost care to provide the most up-to-date information and to ensure that you make the best choice for your budgetary and home maintenance needs.

    Why Trust Today's Homeowner? Our Gutter Ranking Methodology

    At Today's Homeowner, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 gutter guards so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each gutter guard and gutter guard provider company according to our gutter ranking methodology.

    We also dug into the details of each gutter guard to ensure that you could make the best decisions for your home and keep your gutters debris-free for years to come.

    To make the most of our research, we developed a formula to objectively determine the best gutter guards based on the following criteria:

    • Material: Material durability was the single most important factor that went into our rating methodology for gutter guards. Whether they were stainless steel micro-mesh or plastic screening, we gave an in-depth rating for this criteria.
    • Debris Resistance: Our testing served as the primary evaluator for this factor. We curated a rating based on customer testimonials and our own in-house testing here.
    • Ease of Installation: Most of the gutter guard options listed have some DIY component involved. For this reason, guards that required the fewest specialty tools got the highest rating here.
    • Cost: How reasonable are prices in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
    • Warranty terms: We looked into the warranty of lifetime warranty terms if it is offered by the provider.
    • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
    • Buying process: if the gutter guard is a DIY installation, how easy is the buying process? We looked for shipping costs and shipping time, as well as where the product can be bought from.

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