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May 18, 2023

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    Gutter guards will make taking care of your home considerably easier. Without having to clean the gutters nearly as much and leaving downspouts clear of debris, you will notice fewer issues with your foundation and water running down the side of your home. Home Depot sells a variety of gutter guards for your home, but some are certainly better than others. In our guide featuring the best Home Depot gutter guards in 2022, we will outline:

    • The top Home Depot gutter guards on the market
    • What to look for in a Home Depot gutter guard
    • How much gutter guard installation will cost
    • And much more

    The best gutter guards on the market will be affordable, effective, and allow homeowners to do less cleaning of their gutters. Whether you are looking for micro-mesh gutter guards, aluminum gutter guards, or foam gutter guards, we have options on our list that will work for any home. Let’s take a look at the top 6 Home Depot gutter guards.

    Our Top 6 Home Depot Gutter Guards

    1) Gutter Guard by GutterGlove (Best Overall)

    2) Amerimax Titan Mesh Aluminum Gutter Guard (Best Aluminum Mesh Gutter Guard)

    3) Best 1- Flex Fit Aluminum Mesh Gutter Guard (Easiest Installation)

    4) Gutter Brush Max Flow Filter (Best Brush Gutter Guard)

    5) Gutter Foam EZ Foam Filter Gutter Guard (Best Foam Gutter Guard)

    6) Amerimax Lock In Gutter Guard (Best Snap-in Gutter Guard)

    1. GutterGuard by GutterGlove

    The Gutter Guard by GutterGlove is the best overall gutter guard sold at Home Depot. These gutter guards come in a variety of sizes, and they are all going to do a great job of keeping out a variety of debris. Things like pine needles, roof sand grit, and leaves will not be able to get into your gutters and will pass over the filter. Rainwater, however, will easily penetrate the gutters and effectively drain from your roof.

    The Gutter Guard by GutterGlove is a micro-mesh protection system, and it can be installed without the help of a professional. With the micro-mesh made with stainless steel material, you will have no trouble with mesh deterioration through the years. With a 25-year warranty and fair pricing, it’s hard to find a better option for your home than the Gutter Guard by GutterGlove.

    Key Features

    • It comes with a 25-year warranty
    • Very impressive gutter guard reviews
    • Optional professional installation
    • Works on new gutters and old gutters
    • Micro-mesh screen keeps shingle grit out

    What Customers Are Saying

    The reviews for GutterGlove are overwhelmingly positive. Micro-mesh screen gutter guards often have very positive reviews because of their impressive ability to collect only the right debris. The GutterGlove has more than 8000 reviews on the Home Depot website and still sits at a 5-star rating. However, even as positive as this GutterGlove guard is, there are still a few negatives to keep in mind.

    A few customers had issues with the packaging and stated that when they received their gutter guards, a few of the panels were bent. Make sure to inspect your package as soon as it arrives to handle any issues that could come up. In addition, a few customer reviews stated that in heavy rain, there was still water pouring over the gutters.

    To check the current pricing of the GutterGlove Gutter Guard, click here.

    2. Amerimax Titan Mesh Aluminum Gutter Guard

    Amerimax has a strong history in gutter protection, and the Amerimax Titan Mesh is an excellent option for those struggling with leaves, pine needles, and small twigs or debris. The Amerimax gutter guards feature a perforated surface that will not allow the leaves and debris to stick inside. Instead, the leaves sit on the edge of the gutter and eventually blow off or roll off the side of the roof. We found the Amermimax Titan Mesh to be very good, even with small debris.

    From an aesthetics standpoint, this is a very low profile gutter guard that you will not see when looking up at the roofline. The higher quality aluminum material is durable enough to come with a 20-year performance warranty. The installation is a two-step process that involves screwing the Amerimax Titan Mesh to the front of the gutter and the fascia board. In the end, your gutters will be left stronger because of the Amerimax Titan Mesh.

    Key Features

    • Two-step installation process is DIY friendly
    • It blends well with the roofline
    • Protects against both small and large debris
    • Can strengthen the gutters
    • 20-year warranty

    What Customers Are Saying

    Although the Amerimax Titan Mesh Aluminum Gutter Guard does not have as many reviews as the GutterGlove, it is still overwhelmingly positive. With more than 50 customers writing in, the Amerimax guards have a 4 out of 5-star rating. The positives are that the guard can hold up quite well, even in moderately heavy rain. In addition, the overall functionality of keeping debris out was quite positive.

    The major negative that we saw here was that some gutters with a drip guard will make the Amerimax Titan Mesh Aluminum Gutter Guard unusable. The drip guard extends over the side of the gutter, where the Amerimax is installed. Make sure you check your gutter type before installing guard guards to ensure it will work.

    To check the pricing of the Amerimax Titan Mesh, check Home Depot.

    3. Best 1-Flex Fit Aluminum Mesh Gutter Guard

    The Best 1-Flex Fit Aluminium Mesh Gutter Guard is the easiest option from Home Depot to install. This particular product will protect a 5-inch gutter, and it has a raised leaf pattern screen on the top. The raised leaf design ensures that the debris will not simply sit on top of the gutter guard, and instead, water can flow down under it. Even after installing gutter guards on your home, there is often debris that needs to be cleaned off the gutters, but the Best 1 Flex Fit helps prevent some of it.

    The installation process is simple, and the hex head screws required to get the job done will come with the gutter guards when you make your purchase. If you have a lot of heavy rain, this high-quality guard can accommodate quite a bit of water flow.

    Key Features

    • Easy installation
    • Comes with screws needed to complete install
    • Allows for maximum water flow
    • Fits standard 5-inch gutters
    • Raised leaf pattern for less debris pooling up

    What Customers Are Saying

    There are more than 50 Home Depot reviews for the Best-1 Flex Fit gutter guards, and the 5-star rating says quite a bit about the quality and durability of the product. Many customers found that this raised leaf pattern helped lessen the number of times per year that the gutters need to be cleaned.

    There were a few complaints about the Best 1 Flex Fit, but this mostly had to do with the joints between two gutter guard panels. If you are not careful to match up the two pieces during installation, you will create a gap in the guards. A gap like this will be a constant source of frustration when cleaning out the gutter guards. Take your time during installation, and your overall results will be considerably better.

    4. Gutter Brush Max Flow Filter Gutter Guard

    The Gutter Brush Max Flow Filter Gutter Guard is the best gutter brush option from Home Depot. As you shop for gutter guards, you will notice that the stainless steel micro-mesh is becoming more and more popular. Mostly because of their lifetime warranty and their ability to keep out large and small debris. However, the installation process is a bit more involved. With the Gutter Brush Max Flow, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and many Home Depot customers are finding this to be an effective solution to the water flow issues in their gutters.

    This product is a universal fit gutter guard that will work for year-round protection. The polypropylene bristles are durable enough to hold up against heavy rains and debris. With the way the brush gutter guards work, you can expect large amounts of water to be able to pass through. Ice dams are also less of a concern with the brush gutter guards in place.

    Key Features

    • Works with all types and sizes of gutter guard
    • It can be installed in a matter of minutes
    • A great option for a large flow of water through the gutters
    • Keeps leaves and debris on top of the gutters

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Gutter Brush Max Flow Filter gutter guards have more than 40 ratings on Home Depot and feature 4.3 out of 5 stars. The specific product does not seem to be a complaint in any of these reviews; instead, the overall functionality of a brush-style gutter guard. Gutter guards are a simple home improvement project to take on, but the overall functionality will not be quite as good as a micro-mesh gutter guard.

    The biggest complaint here is that the wet leaves will sometimes get stuck in the brush, and it takes a bit of cleaning to get them out. Although most debris will pass right over, there are times you could have extensive gutter cleaning to take care of.

    To see the current pricing of the Gutter Brush Max Flow, check Home Depot.

    5. GutterFoam EZ Foam Filter Gutter Guard

    The Gutter Foam EZ Foam Filter Gutter Guard is the best option for those looking for a foam Home Depot gutter guard. This guard will not need professional installation, and it does a great job of reducing the clogging of your gutters. The GutterFoam EZ will fit directly in the gutter, and it essentially plugs the entire gutter so only water can flow through. These foam gutter guards come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    One of the things to be careful of with a foam gutter guard is the growth of moss and other bacteria in the gutter system. Luckily the GutterFoam EZ comes with a UV Stabilizer and a germicide to help ensure that your existing gutters stay in good shape and allow large volumes of water to pass through. Foam gutter guards tend to be one of the more budget-friendly options on the market.

    Key Features

    • It fits standard K Style gutters
    • Will not damage roof shingles in any way
    • Large pore size to encourage more drainage
    • Easy to cut into pieces and install

    What Customers Are Saying

    The reviews for the GutterFoam EZ are overwhelmingly positive. This product features 4.2 out of 5 stars, and many customers have noticed improvements in the most recent versions of this product compared to the models from several years ago. The one area that helps GutterFoam EZ stand out is the ease of installation. With this particular model, you can slide the foam gutter guards into place, and it only takes minutes.

    The major negative that we saw was some moss buildup in the gutter guards. It is imperative to keep the top of the guard free of debris so that the germicide in the guards can do its job to keep plant life or bacteria from growing. Overall if you stay on top of this, you should not have trouble keeping the GutterFoam EZ in place for years to come.

    To see the current pricing of GutterFoam EZ Gutter Guards, check Home Depot.

    6. Amerimax Lock In Gutter Guard

    The Amerimax Lock In Gutter Guard is the easiest to install gutter guard from Home Depot. This product is a mesh gutter cover that does a tremendous job of allowing better water flow through your gutters. This product is available for 4, 5, or 6-inch K Style gutters, and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. When installing the Amerimax Lock in, you will slide it directly underneath the first row of shingles, and then it locks into the gutters on the other side.

    The lock-in part of the installation process is easy, and it helps make this one of the better leaf guards on the market. Amerimax is a strong brand name for gutter filter technology, and the durable powder-coated steel improves water flow from your roof.

    Key Features

    • It comes in a few different sizes
    • Easy to install
    • Durable powder coated steel stays in great shape
    • It comes with a 10-year warranty
    • Reduces buildup on top of the gutters

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Amerimax Lock in Gutter Guard has a strong 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. More than 1200 customers have provided a review, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. The rain does not need to come over the side of the gutters, and all small debris is kept out. There are, however, some issues with the installation and the measuring of the product.

    Customers found that the gutter guards sometimes were not a fit for their roof, and they had to use alternative fasteners to get the product to work. Also, make sure that you correctly measure the amount of gutter guard you will need. These can be installed professionally if you are worried about the overall installation process.

    To see the current pricing of Amerimax Lock In Gutter Guards, look on Amazon.

    Compare The Highest Rated Home Depot Gutter Guards

    ProviderCost*States CoveredUnique features
    GutterGuard by GutterGloveCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesHighly rated product with impressive benefits, easy to install, stainless steel micro mesh for extra longevity
    Amerimax Titan Mesh Aluminum Gutter GuardCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesAluminum material will keep out large debris, has a 20-year warranty, blends well with the roofline
    Best 1- Flex Fit Aluminum Mesh Gutter GuardCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesRaised leaf pattern, easy installation, allows for maximum water flow
    Gutter Brush Max Flow FilterCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesNo cutting for installation, good for areas of heavy rain, pushes leaves and large debris to the ground
    Gutter Foam EZ Foam Filter Gutter GuardCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesFits directly into the gutter, UV and germicide treatment to promote longevity, three-year warranty
    Amerimax Lock In Gutter GuardCheck With Home Depot for PricingAll StatesSnaps into one side of gutter with ease, stainless steel mesh material for longevity, ten-year warranty

    Buying Guide for Top Home Depot Gutter Guards

    At this point, you should feel a little better about your options from Home Depot when it comes to gutter guards. Luckily, some great companies have a product that can work for any homeowner. However, there are some distinct differences between these gutter guards, and homeowners should be aware of this when making their purchase. Here are a few of the most important things to look for when choosing Home Depot Gutter Guards.


    The quality of the gutter guard will likely give you a better idea of how long it will last. Some gutter guards last for three to five years and others a lifetime. Making sure that the price you pay matches the quality of the guard is quite important. Look for something that will not rust and ensure that debris, both large and small, will stay out. Most homeowners agree that the stainless steel mesh gutter guards have the best overall quality.


    The cost of the gutter guards will range from just a few dollars a panel to quite a bit more. One of the significant costs involved with gutter guards is the installation. Luckily all of the gutter guards on our list of the best Home Depot gutter guards can be installed by the homeowner. If this is your first DIY project and it makes you nervous, don’t hesitate to hire a local professional to hang the guards for you.


    The installation process will vary depending on the type of gutter guard you purchase. The brush and foam style guards will allow for the easiest installation. Homeowners find that many micro-mesh designs under the shingles can be a bit more of a project. The good news is that these gutter guards often come with a 25-year or more warranty. The installation will typically require two people, and it can take quite some time for a large home. It pays to do this right so your gutters stay in great shape for years to come.


    Most of the gutter guards from Home Depot will be difficult to see when standing on the ground. When you purchase DIY gutter guards, it can be hard to find custom colors to match your home. The micro-mesh gutter guards tend to be some of the better-looking options on the market.

    Size Options

    Most gutter guards come in 4, 5, or 6-inch widths. There are some options from Home Depot, like the brush style guards that will not need to be a perfect fit in order to work. These gutter guards are typically sold in panels about three or four feet long to make installation easier. Some gutter guards, like foam guards, can also be cut to size to work for your home.


    With DIY-type gutter guards from Home Depot, the warranty is typically more limited than a professional install from a company like LeafFilter. The warranty for many of these best Home Depot gutter guards is 25 years, and then others are more limited to three or ten years. Always take a look at the conditions for the warranty before installation, as some things you do during installation can impact the warranty.

    Final Thoughts on The Best Home Depot Gutter Guards

    Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which gutter guards from Home Depot will be the best for your home. Even as great as these gutter guards are, the LeafFilter gutter guards remain the best on the market. It’s important to balance your budget with the needs of your home when choosing a great gutter guard. The style of the guard, the durability of the product, and the overall functionality are the key features to look for. Don’t be afraid to get more than one quote for gutter guards, as you may find yourself a great deal.

    FAQs about Home Depot Gutter Guards

    What is the best gutter guard system on the market?

    The best gutter guard system on the market is the LeafFilter Gutter Guard system. This product comes with a transferable lifetime warranty and some of the best reviews in the industry. LeafFilter Gutter Guards are known for their impressive functionality and the ability to keep out debris of all sizes.

    Are DIY gutter guards worth it?

    DIY gutter guards can be an excellent option for saving money on gutter guard installation. Installing gutter guards does not need to be that difficult, but it is best if you have experience with basic tools and are comfortable on a ladder.

    What are the benefits of gutter guard installation?

    The benefits of gutter guard installation include less cleaning of your gutters and less water pooling around your home’s foundation. If you want your gutters to work how they are designed, gutter guards are a great product to have in place.

    Are Home Depot Gutter guards worth it?

    Home Depot carries a wide range of gutter guard options, and many of these come very highly rated. The GutterGlove is one of the top brands from Home Depot, and it is an option that many homeowners should consider when pricing out DIY gutter guards.

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