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May 18, 2023

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    Brush style gutter guards are highly resistant to corrosion, have opportunities for self installation, and can come at a very fair total cost. Putting a brush gutter guard in place will ensure that you are properly protecting your gutters and, at the same time, reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your gutters. In our guide featuring the best brush gutter guards, we will show you:

    • How much brush gutter guards cost
    • Why some homeowners find brush gutter guards to be a great solution
    • How much you will pay for brush gutter guards
    • And much more

    There are many different types of gutter guards for homeowners to choose from. Brush gutter guards that are made with heavy-duty materials tend to last for several years. Let’s take a look at the best gutter guard for your home and how you can have gutter guards in place by the end of the weekend.

    Our Top 5 Brush Gutter Guards

    The best brush gutter guards on the market will have great durability, easy installation, and fair pricing. At Today’s Homeowner, we have gone through each of the brush gutter guards on the market to determine which are best for your home. Here are the top five best brush gutter guards on the market.

    1. GutterBrush 5-inch Gutter Guards: Best Overall Brush Gutter Guards
    2. Vevor Gutter Guard Brush: Easiest To Install
    3. GutterBrush Simple Solution Industrial: Best For Large Gutters
    4. Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guard: Best Premium Brush Gutter Guard
    5. Koxulyim Brush Gutter Guards: Best Warranty

    1) GutterBrush 5” Gutter Guard

    The GutterBrush 5” Gutter Guard is the best overall brush gutter guard on the market. If you have a gutter that is continually filling with leaves or critters trying to make your gutters their new home, the brush style gutter guard could be a perfect solution to the issue. GutterBrush has been on the market since 2004, with a few different sizes and stypes that tend to dominate the brush style gutter guard market.

    Bristles on the GutterBrush 5” Gutter Guards are made to last, and they will block both leaves and larger debris. One of the positives of these gutter covers is that they allow for a strong flow of water through the gutters. There is no need to worry about heavy rain. In addition, there are no tools or fasteners used to install the GutterBrush 5” Gutter Guards. Simply clean your gutters and then put the GutterBrush in place.

    Key Features

    • Works in a variety of gutter types
    • Rustproof design
    • Strong bristles will not break down
    • No hangers or fasteners needed for installation
    • Fair pricing

    What Customers Are Saying

    The GutterBrush gutter guards are known for their fair pricing, and this has undoubtedly helped them gain some positive reviews. The GutterBrush guards have 648 reviews on Amazon, and they are overwhelmingly positive. The total review or rating from GutterBrush is 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is quite impressive, especially for a product that is installed by a homeowner and not a professional.

    The major complaints that we see with these GutterBrush gutter guards are the fact that for heavily wooded areas, the guards do not do a great job. The leaves will get stuck in the bristles, and that will make gutter cleaning a bit of a nuisance. Homeowners with rain gutters that experience larger debris or occasional leaves will do much better with the GutterBrush in place. In addition, some customers found that they still had to clean the gutters just as often; however, the cleaning process was considerably easier.

    To see the current pricing of this GutterBrush Gutter Guard, look on Amazon.

    2) Vevor Gutter Guard Brush

    The Vevor Gutter Guard Brush is the easiest brush gutter guard to install. In fact, even after the installation of this brush style gutter guard, we also found that the overall ease of use was quite good. If you struggle with keeping leaves, pine needles, and acorns out of your gutters, the Vevor Gutter Guard Brush does an excellent job of keeping things moving down the roof and away from the downspouts. The Vevor Gutter Guard Brush is very affordable and will fit perfectly in a 5” gutter.

    The bristle and wire combination of the Veor Gutter brush helps ensure that polypropylene bristles and heavy duty steel do not rust or corrode over time. Most homeowners found that even when the climate is particularly warm or cold, the Vevor Gutter Guard Brush does a great job of controlling the overall debris, both large and small. When completing the installation of the Vevor Gutter Guard brush, you can simply cut the pieces to size and put them directly in your gutters. When it is time to clean, take out the Vevor and shake it.

    Key Features

    • Anti-rust and corrosion
    • Affordable gutter guard system
    • Can be cut to size
    • Warms up in the sun to help melt ice
    • Installation and cleaning are easy

    What Customers Are Saying

    The Vevor Gutter Guard Brush is not the most popular selling gutter guard in the industry; however, it does have some strong reviews. Out of a total of 46 reviews on Amazon, the final rating was 4.4 out of 5. Customer reviews can be a really great way to see what the most important benefits of the Vevor Gutter Guard Brush are. Overwhelmingly homeowners said that the ease of installation and the fact that this won’t void a roof warranty were the two most important benefits.

    The Vevor Gutter Guard Brush gutter guards do not need to slide under the first row of shingles or lock into the edge of the gutter guard. Simply push this into the gutter, and the debris will start to float over the top of the guard. Customers said that even when leaves did start to get stuck in the guard over time, simply taking the gutter guard out and shaking it was enough to remove the blockage. For overall ease of use, affordability, and quick installation, the Vevor is an excellent option to consider.

    To see the current pricing of the Vevor Gutter Guard Brush, look on Amazon.

    3. GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard Solution 8-Inch

    The GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard Solution 8-inch gutter guards are the perfect option for larger homes, areas with heavy rain, schools, and even churches. It is critical to remember with these polypropylene gutter guards that easy installation will only be the case if you choose the right widths. This particular model is 8,” and it will only work in the largest of gutters. The great thing about this is that it can be hard to find a product that works in these larger gutters, but the GutterBush should slide directly into the existing gutter.

    Another great feature of these GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard Solution 8-inch guards is that they decrease the chance of ice buildup in your gutters. This means that you will not have to remove them in the winter, and you can instead benefit from faster ice melt and the chance of heavy ice forming in your gutters. The GutterBrush gutter guard does not even touch the roof and if you have excess material during installation, simply fold it over inside the gutter guard.

    Key Features

    • Bird barrier and gutter guard
    • Top pick for commercial and industrial solutions
    • Will not impact roof shingles
    • More effective than surface tension gutter guards
    • Allows for plenty of water flow through gutters and downspouts

    What Customers Are Saying

    As you can probably imagine, this size of DIY gutter guards are not sold as often as the 5” gutter guards. However, there were a total of 6 reviews on Amazon, and the rating was 4.2 out of 5. This shows that the majority of homeowners were satisfied with the overall functionality of the GutterGuard industrial or commercial gutter guard solution.

    The only issue that you will often see come up with this type of gutter guard is the fact that a micro-mesh or stainless steel mesh screen gutter guard tends to be a better overall solution. Homeowners and business owners find that the GutterBrush guards last for quite some time, but they certainly don’t have the 25-year warranty or even lifetime warranty that you see with the micro-mesh screens. Of course, the screen gutter guards come at a different price, but it may be worth considering in this type of situation.

    To see pricing for GutterBrush Industrial Solution, look on Amazon.

    4) Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards

    The Gutter Whiskers gutter guards are the best premium brush gutter guards on the market. Outside of a leaf guard that comes with professional installation and micro-mesh screens, it can be hard to find really high-quality products. The Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards are made in New Zealand with high-quality heavy galvanized wire. You can leave these in the top of the gutter all year long with no need to worry about both large debris and small debris. In fact, the dense high-quality bristle will allow the debris buildup to be considerably less than other brush gutter guards on the market.

    Of course, the higher quality products in the world of home improvement will come with a slightly higher price tag. However, these GutterWhiskers are also known to keep out birds, rats, and squirrels from getting into your gutter. Although a much different solution than something like the Raptor Gutter Guards or the Amerimax Home Products, if you are in the market for a premium brush style gutter guard, this could be the best overall fit.

    Key Features

    • High quality bristle system
    • Slightly higher cost per linear foot
    • Will stop animals from building a nest in the gutters
    • Installation can be done in a matter of minutes
    • Better longevity than other brush gutter guards on the market

    What Customers Are Saying

    With the GutterWhiskers being produced in New Zealand, they are not as widely sold in the United States. However, out of a total of 43 ratings on Amazon, the average for this brush style gutter guard is 4.1 out of 5. Overall the customers were relieved to have clean gutters for the first time and noticed that the instances of clogging are much less severe than you will notice from other brush gutter guard providers. Gutter Whiskers do come in a few different gutter sizes, and that has helped those with non-standard gutters.

    One of the things to remember here is that even though these are a more premium gutter guard, the overall functionality still has some flaws. If your house has large trees surrounding it, expect that there will be leaves stuck in the Gutter Whiskers from time to time. The cleaning process is not bad and, like any other home improvement project, just time-consuming. When spending extra money on premium brush gutter guards, make sure you consider whether or not foam gutter guards or micro-mesh gutter guards could be a better solution for your home.

    To see pricing for Gutter Whiskers, look on Amazon.

    5) Koxuyim Brush Gutter Guards

    The Koxuyim Brush Gutter Guards are the best brush gutter guards when looking for a strong warranty. With the Koxuyim Brush Gutter Guards, you will be able to place this directly in a 5-inch gutter with no room for animals or large debris to fit inside the gutter guard. Things like pine needles and leaves will also push directly over the side of the gutter, and your home improvement projects will be considerably more manageable.

    One of the things that help Koxuyim stand out is the fact that it is made of stainless steel wire core and has UV resistance. The UV resistance helps these polypropylene bristles from breaking down and can help this be a better long-term investment for your home. The Koxuyim Brush Gutter Guards can help those trying to save money and spend less time on a ladder cleaning out gutters.

    Key Features

    • Great solution for pin needles
    • Can help prevent water damage
    • Easy to install
    • Comes with a 2-year warranty
    • Does not allow animals to burrow in the gutters

    What Customers Are Saying

    Koxuyim Brush Gutter Guards are sold on Amazon for a fair price. This product is not the top seller on Amazon for brush guard gutter protection, but the reviews and ratings are still quite positive. Although this is not an aluminum gutter guard with micro-mesh that will do the best job of keeping your gutters clear, there is plenty of great technology here that customers are happy about. There are a total of 22 ratings on Amazon, and the stars are 4.2 out of 5.

    One of the things that really has helped the Koxuyium gutter guards to stand out is the ease of installation and the bristle design. The debris will sit on top of these guards, and you can quickly remove them. The only issue that customers have mentioned is that, at times, the bristles will get covered in leaves. This takes a few minutes to uncover, but it is best to avoid this style when under a big tree.

    To see pricing for Koxuyim, look on Amazon.

    Buying Guide for Brush Gutter Guards

    Now that you have all the details on the best brush gutter guards on the market, it’s time to look at which one could be the best fit for your needs. When looking at brush gutter guards, homeowners must consider their longevity and functionality. These types of gutter guards work a little differently than others, and you must ensure that the fit is correct when placing them in the gutters.


    Brush gutter guards should last you five years or more as long as you purchase a higher quality material that can withstand any type of weather condition. Some homeowners have brush gutter guards in place for fifteen years or more. Take a look at the bristles and the materials that they are made of. The highest quality brush gutter guards will have strong bristle technology and some stainless steel wiring. These materials will help to reduce the amount of corrosion and rusting and increase the longevity of the product. Don’t expect brush gutter guards to have the same quality as stainless steel micro-mesh, but the prices for these will be considerably different as well.


    The cost of a brush gutter guard is typically lower than other gutter guard solutions. One of the main reasons that homeowners can save money on costs is because of the DIY installation. With other manufacturers requiring installation by a professional, the brush gutter guards can help you save money. In addition, this gutter solution does require you to clean your gutters from time to time. You won’t deal with as much buildup of debris, but there are still periodic cleanings that must take place. These things help to lower overall costs and make the brush gutter guards more affordable per linear foot.


    Brush gutter guards are among the easiest type of guards to install. If you have a five-inch gutter, simply choose a 5-inch gutter guard and place it inside your gutter. The brush gutter guards are easy to work with and maneuver. You can place them directly into the gutter by hand and manipulate the size of the gutter guard to work inside your gutter. Some homeowners will trim the pieces to size so that they fit, and others will simply let you fold the brush material over and be done. Installation of this gutter guard does not take much time and requires no fasteners or hangers. In addition, the brush gutter guards will work in a variety of different types of gutters.


    When standing on the ground looking up at your gutters, you may see the tops of the bristles of the brush gutter guard. If the proper size guard was installed, there should not be too much visibility. Most of the gutter guards on the market will be black, and there are not very many options for custom colors. If you are worried about appearance and overall look, a custom color stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard would be a better overall choice.

    Size Options

    The brush gutter guards typically come standard in 4, 5, and 6-inch sizes. You will need to measure how many linear feet of gutters you have on your home. The brush gutter guards are typically purchased in packages that have 20 or 40 feet, and you will have to determine how many packages to purchase for your home. Most brush gutter guards can be cut to size with a pair of metal snips. However, you must ensure that the width of the gutter guard you select is the proper one. When the width is too small, debris will fall down under the brush; if it is too big, the aesthetics from the ground will not be good.


    As you likely noticed from our review of the best brush gutter guards in 2023, most brush gutter guards do not offer a warranty. There are a few options with a one or two-year warranty but not much outside of that. The no warranty policy is sometimes common with gutter guard solutions that are DIY friendly. Without professional installation, companies have a hard time giving you a warranty on the product.

    Compare Best Brush Style Gutter Guards

    ProviderCost*States CoveredUnique features
    GutterBrush Gutter Guards 5 Inch $22.50 For 6’All Of USSimple installation, works for standard and K style gutters, stops constant clogging of gutters
    Vevor Gutter Guard Brush $64.99 for 30’All of USVery easy to install, polypropylene bristles will deter mice, can shake out to clean when necessary
    GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard 8 Inch $199 for 27 FeetAll of USBest for large gutters and commercial situations, anti rust materials to improve longevity, simple DIY installation
    Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards$47.99 for 3 feetAll of USPremium materials and pricing, less time cleaning, will last considerably longer than other brush gutter guards, heavy galvanized wire
    Koxulym Brush Gutter Guards$127 for 80 feetAll of USComes with a 2 year warranty, fair pricing, UV resistant for slower deterioration

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, you now feel more confident in your ability to choose the best brush gutter guards on the market. These gutter guards will certainly decrease the chances of your gutter guards filling with leaves and debris. However, if you are looking to improve the quality of your gutters and lower your maintenance, the LeafFilter gutter guards are the best overall gutter guards on the market. They are stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards that will keep both large and small debris out of your gutters and almost entirely eliminate the need to clean your gutters.

    Regardless of the type of gutter guard you choose, always remember to get more than one quote. Carefully evaluate the options that you have and choose something that not only fits your budget but also has excellent functionality.

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    FAQs about Brush Gutter Guards

    What is the #1 gutter guard?

    The number one gutter guard on the market is the LeafFilter gutter guard. LeafFilter is a complete gutter guard solution with a stainless steel micro-mesh product that does a tremendous job of keeping your gutters free of debris and ready to handle heavy rains. LeafFilter Gutter Guards have been on the market for more than 15 years, and they have availability across the United States.

    Is there a downside to gutter guards?

    The downside to gutter guards is that there are still times when you will need to clean your gutters. With brush gutter guards, you may have to remove the brush from time to time and shake the leaves and debris out. For stainless steel or mesh gutter guards, the debris will sometimes collect on top, and you will need to clear it off. The gutter guards are not always a complete solution when installed under large trees, but they do make things easier for most homeowners.

    What is the best material for a gutter guard?

    The best material for a gutter guard is a stainless steel micro-mesh, This material will not rust or corrode, and it holds up well over time. In addition, the stainless steel micro-mesh does not let large or small debris fit through the guard.

    What is the easiest gutter guard to install?

    The easiest gutter guard to install is the brush gutter guard. These guards are simple to work with, don’t require much time, and can be pulled out when it comes time to clean the gutters.


    What are the benefits of gutter guards?

    The benefits of gutter guards include

    • Fewest gutter cleanings
    • Less chance of animals creating nets and homes in your gutters
    • Better water flow from the roof of the home
    • Less water pooling around the foundation
    • More time for homeowners to enjoy a home as opposed to maintaining it

    How we Ranked, Reviewed, and Tested the Best Gutter Guards

    Here, we’ve broken down our rating methodology for gutter guards. You should know that we’ve taken the utmost care to provide the most up-to-date information and to ensure that you make the best choice for your budgetary and home maintenance needs.

    Why Trust Today's Homeowner? Our Gutter Ranking Methodology

    At Today's Homeowner, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 gutter guards so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each gutter guard and gutter guard provider company according to our gutter ranking methodology.

    We also dug into the details of each gutter guard to ensure that you could make the best decisions for your home and keep your gutters debris-free for years to come.

    To make the most of our research, we developed a formula to objectively determine the best gutter guards based on the following criteria:

    • Material: Material durability was the single most important factor that went into our rating methodology for gutter guards. Whether they were stainless steel micro-mesh or plastic screening, we gave an in-depth rating for this criteria.
    • Debris Resistance: Our testing served as the primary evaluator for this factor. We curated a rating based on customer testimonials and our own in-house testing here.
    • Ease of Installation: Most of the gutter guard options listed have some DIY component involved. For this reason, guards that required the fewest specialty tools got the highest rating here.
    • Cost: How reasonable are prices in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
    • Warranty terms: We looked into the warranty of lifetime warranty terms if it is offered by the provider.
    • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
    • Buying process: if the gutter guard is a DIY installation, how easy is the buying process? We looked for shipping costs and shipping time, as well as where the product can be bought from.
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