Downspout Drainage

Gutters and downspouts should move rainwater runoff away from your house, so there’s no erosion along the drip line of the roof. But if the downspouts don’t direct the water far enough away, then you’re simply dumping it along the foundation, and you’re creating an even bigger problem.

Soil erosion here can cause serious damage; and if there’s a basement below it, it only gets worse. Water will find its way inside, creating mold and mildew problems.

At the base of each downspout there should be some sort of control for the water. A concrete or plastic splash block is the simplest form, but for even more control, pick up a flexible plastic downspout extension from the home center.

This accordion-style pipe can be manipulated to turn the runoff in any direction you choose. This may also include directing it into an underground drain pipe to carry the water to a safer spot.


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