Gutter filled with leaves and debris.
Clogged gutters can cause your home’s drainage systems to fail.

In this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re talking with Randy Schreiber from GutterBrush. Skip to [skipto time=19:08][19:08][/skipto] to find out why these gutter guards are so essential for your home.

During the fall and winter, it’s important to ensure your gutters are clear of leaves, snow and debris. One tool that can make this job easier is GutterBrush.

This cylindrical bottle brush fills the space inside your home’s gutters and lets water flow through while serving as a barrier from debris buildup.

Clogged gutters cause your home’s drainage system to overflow and, ultimately, fail. This prevents water from moving away from your home — which causes even bigger problems like soil erosion near the foundation.

Man installs GutterBrush leaf guard in a gutter near an asphalt shingle roof
Ah, much better. These gutters are now protected with GutterBrush.

GutterBrush is flexible, easily bending around the corners of your gutter to fit the perimeter of your home. No tools are needed for installation — each unit slides into place from the ends.

Best of all, it’s affordable and low-maintenance. Just look at the GutterBrush from ground level, or climb a ladder if you need to, and you can instantly tell whether you need to shake off fallen leaves and debris.

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Also, they’re great for cleaning bathroom mirrors, windows and glass shower doors. And applying a coat of car paste wax to shower walls will help prevent soap scum buildup!

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Question of the Week

Q: I noticed the inside of my waterlines has buildup in them. The water shutoffs in both my bathrooms and kitchen don’t work and I want to replace them with one-fourth turnball valves so I can shut the water off easily. I had someone come out and do some work on my bathrooms and told me not to worry about it, what should I do?

A: First thing you want to do is replace the shutoffs so they are working right. This is crucial in case of an emergency where you need to shut the water off.

The build-up in water lines that are several years old is common and it’s unlikely to replace every water line in your home.

I recommend replacing the water lines that are easy to get to first to help increase water pressure. Note that this is easier on some houses than others!

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