Gunite Pool Repair, When to Stain a Deck and Removing Pet Hair | Ep. 30

On this week’s podcast:

• We talk about repairs you may need to make if you have a gunite pool.
• When is it safe to stain a deck? Danny has a simple tip, and all you need is a drop of water.

• A head-scratcher. A caller has a mysterious drip of water coming from his gutter. Danny and Joe introduce him to a couple of experiments that may help find the source of the problem.
• Joe has two “Simple Solutions” that will help get pet hair out of upholstered furniture.

Question of the Week:

Barbara from Kansas writes, “My front entry door is installed too low. I tried putting the thinnest carpet mat in front, but it still does not clear the door. I have hardwood floors and my door is made out of wood. I’ve had this problem ever since I moved into my home in 2013. Can this be corrected and how much would it cost?”

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