A gutter apron has a similar purpose as a drip edge. However, they differ in shape and material composition. Rather than being shaped like a letter T, a gutter apron has an L shape. These aprons are somewhat similar to flashing metals but typically utilized on roofs that have low slopes. 

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A gutter apron ensures that rainwater on the roof flows directly into the gutter. Another important role of a gutter apron is to prevent roof wood from being rotten and being damaged from water penetration. It also works to ensure that water won’t get in the gutter’s back portion. 

Typically, a gutter apron is composed of a long piece of metal that is 10 feet long. It is also placed under the first course of shingles. A gutter apron works to prevent water from splashing behind the actual gutter. It serves as protection to the roofing members and prevents severe water damage. The shape of a gutter apron helps direct water to go down into the gutter and make it flow freely into the channel. 

Is a Gutter Apron Really Needed?

A gutter apron provides a variety of benefits that’s why it would be a smart choice to include it in your roof system. 

Protects the House

A gutter apron helps prevent damage, especially to the attic. During severe weather conditions, the gutter apron can serve as highly beneficial as it will help keep a house safe as it directs rainwater directly into a gutter. This can prevent your house from dripping. It also assists in securing a roof deck, fascia, and gaps, as water won’t penetrate through. 

Keep Infestations Away

Having a gutter apron also plays a huge role in protecting your home against pests or small animals trying to make your home theirs as well. The gutter apron functions to cover the gaps in attic designs and keep insects from nesting there.

Good Investment

If you choose to spend money on a gutter apron, you are making a long-term decision for your home. To put it simply, if your house won’t have gutter aprons, your roof will be exposed to severe weather conditions. The more damage your roof gets, the higher chance of re-roofing your entire house. That would cost more compared to just installing a gutter apron.

Maintenance Benefits

If you install a gutter apron, this will help in catching the rainwater and prevent it from deeply penetrating. Less maintenance would be required because you can prevent collecting constant rainwater and cleaning the attic. You can save a lot of time and keep yourself away from stress by opting for a gutter apron.

Top 4 Gutter Apron Manufacturers in the U.S.A

1. Phillips EdgeMaster Gutter Apron

Phillips has been a leading manufacturer in the US since 1955. The company oversees 500,000 sq ft of manufacturing and office space in the US. If you are looking for the best gutter apron manufacturers, choosing Phillips would be a smart decision. The company offers the Phillips EDGEmaster Gutter Apron. This works to direct water towards the gutter system and keep the fascia safe. The Phillips Gutter Apron is designed for roof edge angles that are greater than 90 degrees. This product comes in a variety of sizes. It also features hemmed edges that help with ease of installation. Colors available are galvanized, brown, white, tan, bronze, and black. The main office of Phillips is located at 4949 South 30th St, Omaha, NE 68107

2. Amerhart Rollex Gutter Apron

The Amerhart Rollex Gutter Apron is a durable aluminum gutter apron that has a wide array of color options to match gutters and fascia. The aluminum gutter apron helps prevent water and also ice damage at the edge of the roof. The product also promises to protect underlying wood from rotting. The Amerhart company has been operating in the United States since 1940. The company started out as a small insulation distributor and has become one of the biggest lumber and building material distributors in the entire Midwest. Their main office is located at 2455 Century Road Green Bay, WI 54303. 

3. Trimbender Gutter Apron

Trimbender offers a gutter apron with an aluminum gauge of .019 (standard contractor grade). The color options of the Trimbender gutter apron are as follows: Black, White, Brown, Dark Bronze, Burgandy, Bronze (Terratone), Forest Green, Navy Blue, Cozy Cottage, Eldridge Gray, Almond, Pewter, Clay, Wicker, White (woodgrain), and Brown (woodgrain). All aluminum trim is painted via a baked enamel coating process and is warranted from cracking or chipping for 15 years. The pieces can come in 3 different lengths: 4 ft, 6 ft, or 8 ft sections.  The Trimbender office is located at 5232 W. Oklahoma Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53219.

4. ABC Metal Components Gutter Apron

ABC is one of the premier manufacturing companies in the US. The company has been in business since 1908 and has more than a hundred years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of metal building products. ABC has already built a good reputation when it comes to quality and performance across roofing products and accessories. The ABC Metal Components Gutter Apron backs up that claim. So if you aim to acquire high-quality gutter aprons, make sure that you include ABC among your best options.

The company has offices across the United States. Check out the following locations:

Frankfort, KY

Adel, GA

Mt. Pleasant, IA

Oklahoma City, OK

Phoenix, AZ

Rome, NY

Salt Lake City, UT

Their main office is located at 14031 West Hardy, Houston, Texas 77060.


A gutter apron serves as a highly beneficial roofing accessory that must not be taken lightly. The benefits that a homeowner can get just by installing this is for long-term and could help with savings as well. Your attic’s best protection is a gutter apron as it keeps not just water but also infestations away. If you want your house to be safer and prolong your roof’s lifespan, installing a gutter apron can help with the cause. 

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